La Trop


In 2011 former wine-maker Thomas Carteron created Brasserie Carteron in order to show another facet of France's Provence region.

As beer's main constituent is water, it's essential to have a top-quality source, which is why Brasserie Carteron takes its water direct from the La Vierge spring famous for its remarkable mineral content.

Kissed by Saint-Tropez sunshine Carteron's beers are light and elegant. The brewer was inspired to bring a touch of Rosé de Provence wine into his beer with Trop Rosée, which uses grape tanins to stabilise the flavours, giving this classic beer its rosé colouring.

Today, Carteron's range of beers has developed to include a blonde, a white beer and an amber in order to meet increasing demand.

La Trop

La Trop coming soon

  • Award winning French artisanal Blanche 
    3,30 €

    (1 Reviews)

    A marvellously refreshing fruit ale from French artisan brewer Brasserie Carteron
    3,20 €
  • A little drop of Provencal sunshine
    3,30 €

    (1 Reviews)

    Exclusive offer! Buy a pack of four La Trop’ beers and receive this attractive La...
    12,90 €
    -4,90 €
    17,80 €
  • Fresh, spicy Belgian Pale Ale-style blonde
    3,10 €
  • Exclusive offer! Buy this great selection pack from Brasserie Carteron and get the...
    9,60 €
  • 25 cl - Whatever the style, pour the perfect glass of La Trop' every time
    4,90 €
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