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La Trop

  • Let this La Trop' 25cl glass transport you to Provence for a drop of Provençal sunshine. Featuring the La Trop' logo, and the slogan "L'esprit du soleil" - spirit of the sun - this glass by Thomas Carteron's La Trop' brewery adds an original, stylish touch to your beer. It also bears the legend "250ml de soleil dans votre verre" - 250ml of sunshine in your glass". Can't you feel the sun on your face already?

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  • To mark the arrival of the longer days, we’re offering you the chance to try the La Trop’ range, consisting of a Rosée, a Blonde, an Ambrée, with a bottle of Blanche FREE when you buy the other three.   Try them today or enjoy them again:   -          La Trop Rosée: a soft, salmon pink beer that transports you to Provence with its delightfully fruit berry, and syrah grape notes.   -          La Trop Ambrée: a soft, generous beer with an authentic taste of Provence. Its seductively-tanned body is a result of three malts that combine to give fruity caramel flavours, and a hint of almond and hazelnut.   -          La Trop Blonde is a generous, lively beer with a pleasing floral side that makes it an ideal choice for your aperitifs. It offers fruity malt flavours, with kumquat and bitter orange, as well as a subtle bitterness evocative of fresh grapefruit.   -          La Trop Blanche is the very essence of sophisticated freshness thanks to its fine carbonation and pale yellow body. It boasts a host of fruity orange, lemon, lime and coriander notes set in a refreshing ensemble.   Put a little Provençale sunshine in your glass!

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