Terms and conditions
of Saveur Bière
loyalty program

1. Partners of the Saveur Bière loyalty program

1.1. Interdrinks S.A.S. (hereinafter Interdrinks), a simplified joint-stock company with a capital of 10,000 EUR, whose head office is located at 5001 Rue du Chemin Vert 59273, Fretin France, registered with the RCS of Lille under number 497 634 030 (Siret 497 634 030 00074 – TVA FR31497634030 – APE 4791B), has set up a loyalty program called Programme de Fidélité.

1.2. The loyalty program is currently only active on the website of Saveur Bière and not on other subsidiaries of the Interdrinks Group.

2. Eligibility

2.1. The loyalty program is open to all individuals, consumers, who are 18 years or older. By joining the customer loyalty program, the customer confirms to be 18 years or older. The customer is not obligated to have an address in France to join the loyalty program. However, some rewards require a delivery address in mainland France (excl. Corse).

2.2. When the customer places the first order, it is required to accept the terms and conditions of Saveur Bière. If the customer does not accept the terms and conditions, it is not possible to place an order and to profit from the benefits of the loyalty program. Customers are responsible for understanding the terms and conditions of the loyalty program. If the customer does not understand the terms and conditions, he or she should contact the customer service.

2.3. The customer is required to enter personal information such as delivery address, billing address and email address to place an order and join the loyalty program. Some rewards require additional personal information (such as birthday) to receive the reward. If the customer does not wish to provide this additional personal information, the customer will not be able to receive and redeem the reward. (Additional) personal information can be changed at all times in the account of the customer.

2.4. The customer can only have one account per email address. It is not possible to merge two existing accounts into one account. In case the customer has created multiple accounts with different email addresses, the customer is responsible for choosing the correct account to order from.

3. Enrolment

3.1. The customer joins the loyalty program by simply creating an account in the web shop of Saveur Bière. Customers who already have an account are automatically part of the loyalty program. The loyalty program does not need an admission fee

3.2. To become part of the loyalty program, the customer is not required to make any orders. Having an account is sufficient for joining the program.

3.3. The customer is not required to pay to join the loyalty program. If the customer has already paid for the subscription of the old loyalty program, the customer should contact the customer service to request a refund (2,49€). The refund will be placed into the wallet of the customer.

4. Rewards

4.1. The customer can receive a total of up to six rewards, depending on the status of the customer. The rewards are provided in the account of the customer (excluding the discounts and exclusive offers) The discounts and exclusive offers are send by email, only if the customer is subscribed to the newsletter.

4.2. Points: Every customer receives points in accordance with section 5 hereof.

4.3. Birthday gift: Every customer receives a 5 € discount coupon on his or her birthday. The customer will find a voucher in his or her account which can be added in the order. The voucher is valid during the period starting seven days before the birthday of the customer, in total for 15 days. The voucher can be used if the total value of the order is at least 50 €. The customer is required to indicate his or her birthday in the account in order to receive the voucher, at minimum 10 days before the birthday. The voucher will not be sent if the birthday date is unknown.

4.4. Exclusive offers: Customers with silver or gold status will receive exclusive offers by email (if subscribed). The offers are defined by Interdrinks.

4.5. Processing of keg returns within 24 hours for "Silver" and "Gold" customers: The customers concerned print their express return label on Saveur Bière and the customer confirms by SMS. 24 hours after the package is dropped off at the relay point, the customer receives the deposit in their wallet.

4.6. Free delivery on fourth order: Customers with silver or gold status receive a free delivery coupon to use on a new order, after the third order is placed and within 90 days after reception in the account of the customer. The coupon needs to be added in the checkout and is only valid for using Mondial Relay as delivery method, with a minimum order amount of 60€. The following products are excluded from using the free delivery coupon: monthly subscription box, Perfect Draft machine and Beery Christmas. The coupon does not apply to shipments to Corse.

4.7. 10% extra discount: Customers with gold status will receive a coupon by email (for newsletter subscribers only) for a 10% extra discount on the official launching day of the summer sales and winter sales, valid only on sales products (listed on page 399 Sales).

4.8. Double points: Customers with gold status will receive automatically double points during the birthday week of Saveur Bière in April. Upon activation, the customer will receive two points for every € spent. When the customer places an order, the points will be automatically calculated over the total amount, excluding delivery costs, deposits and gift card payments.

4.9. The rewards cannot be exchanged for any other value or object and cannot be transferred or sold to another customer or another account. Any reward codes received by the customer can only be used once per customer and it is thus not possible to share codes with other customers.

4.10. If the customer has used any of the rewards of the loyalty program and cancels or returns the order, the rewards will not be refunded.

4.11. The rewards cannot be combined.

5. Points

5.1. The customer will receive 1 point for every € spent on Saveur Bière excluding money spent on deposits, gift card payments of Saveur Bière and shipping costs. The points will be immediately placed into the account of the customer when the customer places an order. Every time a customer has reached 150 points, the customer will receive automatically 7€ in their wallet. Every point thus has a value of around 0,0467 €.

5.2. Every product which can be purchased on Saveur Bière is included in the loyalty program and is considered in the calculation of the points earned. However, when the total points on an order are calculated, shipping costs, gift card payments and the deposit for bottles/kegs are excluded.

5.3. The points of a customer will expire when the customer has not made any order within 365 days since the last order. The customer is thus required to make at least one order per 365 days to maintain the total value of the points. The customer will be informed 14 days before the expiration of the points by email (provided that the customer has subscribed for the newsletter) and can also see the date of expiration in his or her account. Once the value of the points is converted into a 7 € voucher, this voucher cannot expire. The customer can use the voucher at any time.

5.4. 5.4. When the customer decides to cancel or return an order, the points obtained through this order will be deducted from his total points.

5.5. In case not all products could be delivered as mentioned in the order confirmation, the customer is entitled to contact the customer service and to indicate the problem and to find a proper solution.

5.6. It is not possible for a customer to transfer points from one account to another account. The customer cannot, and is not allowed to, sell points to another customer.

5.7. All information about the points (earnings, spendings, expirations) can be found in the account of the customer.

5.8. It is not possible to transfer the wallet value within a customer’s account, including vouchers collected through points or deposit, to the bank account of a customer.

6. Status

6.1. Every customer of Saveur Bière is assigned a status. There are three statuses: bronze, silver and gold. The status is calculated based on the rolling year. It calculates the total number of orders made in the period between today and 365 days ago. Bronze customers make 0 to 2 orders per 365 days, silver customers 3 to 4 orders per 365 days and gold customers 5 or more orders per 365 days.

6.2. The status of a customer is based on the purchase behaviour Saveur Bière. If the customer meets the requirements to upgrade, the status will change to silver (if before bronze) or to gold (if before silver).

6.3. The customer is informed about the status in his or her account. The status is automatically updated in the system, immediately after making an order (possible upgrade) or not being an active member (possible degrade).

7. Data processing and privacy

7.1. Interdrinks uses personal information of the customer provided at the creation of the account, by placing orders and by receiving or redeeming rewards in order to analyse the functionality of the loyalty program, customer service, and for personal offers.

7.2. Personal data received in the course of the loyalty program will be used in accordance with applicable data protection law and in accordance with Saveur Biere’s Privacy Policy: https://www.saveur-biere.com/en/. By participating in the loyalty program, the customer consents to Interdrinks processing the customer’s personal data for the purposes of carrying out the loyalty program.

7.3. By providing the contact details and subscribing to the newsletter, the customer will receive information about the rewards as well as marketing campaigns. If the customer does not want to receive this information any longer, the customer can unsubscribe from the newsletter any time.

8. Changes of data and termination

8.1. The customer is allowed to change the email, delivery and billing address without losing the status, rewards or points.

8.2. The customer can terminate the membership in the loyalty program at any time by deleting the account. All rewards and points cannot be accessed after deletion of the account.


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