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Saveur Bière, a leading specialist in the sale of beer and brewing products online, invites you to discover the world of home-produced beer through a wide range of equipment and ingredients for brewing at home. You will find all the necessary equipment: fermenters, vats, electric tanks, brewing kits, accessories; and also all the ingredients: malts, hops, yeasts, spices ... All you have to do is create your recipe! Brunette, blonde, redhead, IPA, amber, strong or light character, mix different styles of beer and order online safely. Saveur Bière, it's more than 1000 references of brewing to satisfy amateurs and amateurs of do it yourself and brewing.

We have developed a new range of brewing kit specifically for you. They have been designed in collaboration with customers of different levels in order to adapt them to all. Customers have tested and approved them, so they are optimal and will ensure you a qualitative experience. Beginner Brewing Kit, Intermediate Brewing Kit or Confirmed Brewing Kit, you will find the right kit for you!

The beginner brewing kit allows you to enter the world of brewing with complete peace of mind. With this kit, you will brew a homemade beer from powdered malt extract. You will not have to perform the steps of empatage and filtration, which are the most complex. It will also allow you to have a faster brewing process. In short, with this kit, you will have 100% chance of succeeding your 4L craft beer! It contains all the necessary elements to brew at home: fermentation bucket, thermometer, bubbler, tap ... As well as all the ingredients and the brewer's manual. Sugar lozenges have even been added to facilitate the bottling stage.

The intermediate brewing kit allows you to brew like a true master brewer, and you will discover all the brewing experience. The brewing in any grain allows to have the experience from A to Z. This kit contains a demijohn made of glass for fermentation, a brewbag, a fork, a thermometer, a densimeter ... will also have all the ingredients: crushed malt, hops, yeast, sugar pellet and the brewing manual. A complete kit that allows you to easily brew your 4 liters of house beer.

The confirmed brewing kit allows you to brew in quantity while being well equipped. You can brew 12L of beer in any grain. Everything you need is in it, the 19L brew kettle, the fermentation bucket, the brewing bag, the measuring devices, the bunch, etc. And the quantities of ingredients have been adapted too, you will have about 5kg of malt, hops, yeast and enough sugar pellets (or carbonation drops) to bottle about 36 bottles of beer. It's the most complete kit on the market!

Regarding bottling, we thought of you too. We have designed a bottling kit containing 12 33cl long neck bottles, a capper, capsules and self-adhesive labels. These nice design labels allow you to customize your beer, give it a name, and have traceability. You will be able to please your loved ones by offering them your own beer that you yourself have produced!

If you hesitate between our different kits or if you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult our blog on brewing or contact customer service, we will be happy to answer you! Do not hesitate to browse our site to discover our other offers: beer barrel, beer machine with our famous Perfect Draft shooter to enjoy a draft beer, beer glass, beer set.




Saveur Bière is France's market-leader for online beer sales, offering an ever growing range of bottled beers, beer pumps, beer glasses, and beer assortments. Our young, dynamic team has just one goal – customer satisfaction. To ensure our clients are 100% satisfied, we do everything possible to offer a quality service, responding to the needs of our customers and searching out the finest beers you'll find anywhere. True specialists in beer and breweries, our IT, logistics, purchasing, sales and customer-service teams work hard every day to make sure your customer experience is the best it can be.
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