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Brewdog is an innovative Scottish brewery specialising in artisan ale whose main strategy is about innovation, innovation, and a little bit more of innovation! Over the last decade original Punk Brewers have become one of the most famous names on the British Craft Beer scene. They helped to start the Craft Beer revolution. And their range of beers is exciting, and different, but still accessible.

Their most famous brew is Punk IPA, an American India Pale Ale by which all others are measured. While Tactical Nuclear Penguin, at one time the world's strongest beer, helped to build their legend before its crown was stolen by Snake Venom a super-strength beer from another brewery based in Scotland.

Brew Dog offers an impressive range of beers in virtually every style and for every taste and palate. Their winning strategy consists of constantly creating new beers and with an unrivalled passion. Let’s be honest, the beer industry is above all about passion.

Founded in 2007 by two James Watt and Martin Dickie, the brewery is located in North-East of Scotland, exporting more than 120,000 bottles a month worldwide. The BrewDog brewery was set up by crowdfunding to make its first  baby steps in the international beer scene. Brewdog’s founders James and Martin were still in their early twenties when they launched their brewery. Unable to find exciting beer in the UK, they decided to start brewing in the back of an old van to sell at local markets in their home city of Fraserburgh, Scotland. Their first beer, Brewdog, hit shelves in 2008 to become Scandinavia’s best-selling IPA within the year!

Brewing craft beer the BrewDog way

BrewDog are not your average brewery. They value originality above all alse. This means they like to do things a differently to the majority of craft breweries.

One thing that sets them apart from other artisan alesmiths is sharing their recipes. Another is their continued quest to brew the world’s strongest beer. The arms race began with the awesome Tactical Nuclear Penguin, followed by The End of History which with a limited-edition of just 12 bottles were made and a 55% ABV, also became one of the world’s most expensive beers. If that weren’t extreme enough, The End of History also came in bottles made from stuffed squirrels (but no warning it may contain nuts!) And sticking with the animal theme, they recently launched their own beer specially for dogs.

BrewDog Millionaire

Since 2007 and the brewery’s humble beginnings, the BrewDog empire has burgeoned, with bars and taprooms across the world, and even a Craft Beer-themed spa hotel. The future is looking bright for the original Punk brewery.



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