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Bottled beer - Saison Dupont
Saison Dupont
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Moinette Blonde
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Bottled beer - Bière de Miel bio
Bière de Miel bio
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Brasserie Dupont is a Belgian brewery famed for its organic beers and its signature brew, Saison Dupont, a traditional Belgian Farmhouse Ale with classic Belgian yeast notes.

Originally founded in 1759, over the last Century the Belgian brewery Brasserie Dupont has been run by five successive generations of artisan brewers the same family. The brewery's story begins in 1920 with head brewer Louis Dupont, who launched the brewing dynasty before passing it on to his nephew, Sylva Rosier in 1945. In turn, the brewery passed to son Marc who managed the Brasserie Dupont from 1964 to 2002.

With the millennium came fresh blood in the form of great nephew, Olivier Dedeycker, who, inspired by nearly 250 years of heritage brewing artisan Belgian ale, began brewing organic beer like Dupont Saison Bio and Moinette Bio.

Today, the range has grown to include more organic ales like Miel Biologique honey beer, Biolégère light beer and Blanche du Hainaut Biologique wheat beer, each one lovingly prepared with the same care and attention and the same quality ingredients – inclduing the finest malt and hops - as they were 100 years ago.




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