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Discovery box

Return your 6-litre PerfectDraft kegs
Completely free of charge!*

How do I return my 6-litre PerfectDraft kegs?

Saveur Bière lets you return your empty PerfectDraft kegs free of charge. We'll even give you a €5 credit note for each keg returned - minimum return 6 kegs. That's at least €30 off your next order!


There are some rules for returning your kegs so that you will receive your credit note:

• Minimum 6 empty kegs per box. You'll receive €5 per keg to be used with your next order.
• If you send fewer than 6 kegs, you'll receive €3 per keg.
• Indicate the weight of the package on the label. 1 keg weighs 1kg, so 6 kegs = 6kg, 8 kegs = 8kg, etc.
• This offer is only for 6-litre PerfectDraft Leffe, Stella, Hoegaarden type kegs. Please don't send us any other type of kegs – there's no deposit, so you won't get a refund.
• Don't worry about idividually wrapping the kegs in the parcel. They're plenty sturdy - just put them straight in the box. ;-)

Creating your return label

1. Create your label to send back your kegs via Mondial Relay (France only).
2. Once you complete your label, print it and stick it to your parcel. If you have two parcels, you need to make two labels. You can use any type of cardboard box – from Saveur Bière or anywhere else. Why not group individual parcels to make one single big package.
3. Take your parcel to the Point Relais you selected when you made your label.
4. Once you drop off your parcel, please be patient. The returns process can sometimes take a couple of weeks, maybe even a month. We're sorry it takes so long, but please bear with us…

If you want your refund quicker, you can send the parcel by your own carrier at your own charge.

To find your discount vouchers, logon to Saveur-biè and click on My Account, then "My Discount Codes.".

*Free shipping offer available in France only