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Omnipollo is a Swedish itinerant or gypsy brewery founded in 2011 by brewer Henok Fentie and artist-designer Karl Grandin. As the term itinerant suggests, the duo began by brewing their beers in Sweden before travelling the world to bring their creations to life. Their bottles feature highly stylised designs with amazing attention to detail, with a graphic identity that makes them immediately identifiable, something which carries over into the beer: a treat for the eye and the palate alike!

The name Omnipollo will be familiar to many Craft Beer fans and Artisan Ale enthusiasts, but to those discovering artisanal brewing for the first time, the Swedish Craft Brewery is one of the stars of modern brewing. For the uninitiated, Sweden's Omnipollo are based in the capital, Stockholm, and have become one of the world's best-known Craft Breweries, and the ultimate gypsy or itinerant brewery. Using the facilities at bigger breweries to brew their often out-there, but ALWAYS awesome beers, they have earned themselves a place in Ratebeer's list of the Top 10 breweries worldwide for a number of years running.

Omnipollo are always pushing the boundaries of great beer, having come up with some of the most innovative beers in recent years, including the Lactose IPA with beers like their Pina Colada-themed Smoothie. The style originated from experiments by Omnipollo's innovative brewmeister Henok Fentie. He started by adding adding fruit and lactose to a classic India Pale Ale beer to combine the dry, bitter character of IPA with a creamy milkshake quality. Along with the finest malt and hops, Omnipollo regularly use leftfield ingredients like pancakes and maple syrup, burger buns and fries, and even smoky bacon!

Omnipollo’s Henok Fentie and Karl Grandin are a duo craft brewers, designers and aesthetes whose bottles are as striking as their brews, and their beers are the future.



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