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Rich, creamy, fruity and one of Belgium's most iconic beers!


  • Kwak
  • Kwak
  • Kwak
  • Kwak

Originally designed as a reviving brew for frozen coachmen, Kwak by Brasserie Bosteels is one of Belgium's most iconic beers. Pouring warm amber with a fluffy white head, this sumptuous Belgian Strong Pale Ale breathes thick caramel malts, with fruity dried apricot and prune, and a seductive demerara sugar note.

With a superb bittersweet balance set in a smooth, full body, Kwak offers more delicious apricot and plum malts, paired with a classical tobacco, old leather, banana, liquorice and green apple Belgian yeast backnote.

Sumptuously smooth to the last, the tasting experience ends with a satisfyingly sweet spicy finish.

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  • Appearance

    Rich golden body

  • Aroma

    Ripe fruit and woody notes

  • Taste

    Tobacco, old leather, plums, fruity yeast

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness