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A set of beers bursting with fun and flavour!


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12 beers
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"Short BBE* date 12/06/2020. After this date, the beer is still perfectly drinkable, but may lose some of its flavour or nutritional value. *Best Before End"

It's time to relax, kick up your heels and enjoy a good beer in all lack of seriousness. So, what's in a name? In this case, a whole lot of flavour! We've selected a dozen quality brews that sound a bit funny but that taste amazing. The Humour Collection includes:

De Halve Maan Brugse Zot – Literally the Bruges Fool, this lord of misrule is a playfully light Blonde with a fruity malt character

Corne Blonde – Award-winning Belgian blonde with an orange and apple fruit note. Nothing to get hung-up about!

Cuvée des Trolls – Dubuisson's impish Belgian Pale Ale is awash with cheeky bittersweet fruit character.

Rince Cochon – Classic Belgian Pale Ale that puts swine before pearls!

Levrette Blonde – Big fruity blonde that'll put hares on your chest.

Choulette Sans Culottes – Revolutionary Blonde that knocks the pants off the competition…

J&M – Jacky & Michel Blonde Pils takes its name from a legendary French couple. Just don't try googling them on your work PC!

Kekette Blonde – A saucy French Blonde with an equally saucy name.

Ch'touhuile – Golden Ale from the coal-fields of France. The only beer that's suitable for Miners!

Flying Dog Easy IPA – Light, easy-drinking IPA from the States – 'cos serious beer is no laughing matter!

Het Uiltje Mr Feathers – Amber Ale with big tropical fruit hops and a talking owl – classic!

La Cagole Blonde – named after the wild cougars of the corniche, La Cagole offers total satisfaction.


At HOPT we want to bring you the very best beers, right to your door. Sometimes, one of the bottles listed is out of stock, in which case we'll replace it with a bottle of equivalent or greater value to ensure your experience at HOPT is the best it can be!

The Humour Collection

Saveur Bière

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