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Beer dispensers - PerfectDraft Goose Island IPA Dispenser Pack

Your complete PerfectDraft Party Pack, with one 6-litre keg of Goose Island IPA, exclusively at Saveur Bière and Hopt

Product Description

Perfectdraft Dispenser Pack composition :
- A PerfectDraft HD3720/26 beer dispenser
- A 6L Goose Island IPA keg

Perfectdraft Dispenser Pack is composed of a Perfectdraft philips beer machine and a 6 liter beer keg from Goose Island. With its sophisticated and refined design with elegant curves underlined by black and chromed metal, Perfectdraft beer machine appears among the most upscale domestic beer taps.

Receive it with a 6 liter keg of Blond American Goose Island IPA beer. Savor the IPA draft beer from Goose Island Beer Company brewery. You will find fruity aromas of grapefruit, peach and chewy malts while the palate picks up hints of peach, grapefruit with creamy and chewy flavors.

Your Perfectdraft philips beer dispenser will also be able to receive the other 6 liter beer kegs from the large Perfectdraft range such as Goose Island Midway Session IPAGinette BioTiny Rebel Clwb Tropicana, and many others according to your tastes. Accommodating Perfectdraft 6L kegs, allows you to serve many beers with incomparable freshness for optimal tasting.


Beer dispenser features :

Technical specifications

Perfectdraft services

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • LCD control screen
  • Refrigeration time : 12-15 h
  • Fresh beer at 3° C for 30 days
  • A range of more than 30 kegs
  • 2 year warranty (Philips)
  • Good value for money
  • 5€ deposit per empty keg returned

Very easy to use, this referenced machine offers a wide range of kegs to use, with several features, such as an LCD control screen, a tap like professionals and a removable drip tray. Thanks to its electronic control screen, you will be able to monitor preservation time of your keg and thus check the number of days the beer will remain fresh, the quantity remaining and the current temperature of the keg.

Perfectdraft beer pump is also very easy to clean. The tube that is in contact with the beer is changed with each new keg connected to the beer machine. The removable handle and drip tray are easy to take off and can be washed in the dishwasher. As for the beer tap, it requires only a simple surface cleaning for impeccable hygiene.

A good purchase or a great gift idea for your favorite draft beer lovers!


Offer reserved for private individuals, limited to 2 Perfect Draft Dispenser Packs per customer, not eligible to -10% off Drive.

Shipping in two packages

Glass sold separately.

Draft Beer

Like in a bar

Less packaging

For a green planet

A big range of craft beer

30+ kegs available

Any questions ?

How can I return the kegs?

It depends on the country how you can get your deposit money back. But it's always possible so send us mail we will tell you what you can do. When you are in France you can send them back to us when you have 3 empty kegs. You can print a label with the link (you find on our web site), stick it on a the box and bring it to a pick up point in your area.

How much is the deposit money for 1 keg?

You get €5 deposit back in your hop wallet per keg. As soon as we have dealt with the return of your kegs, you will receive this in your wallet. This might take a few weeks.

How long does the Perfect Draft warranty last?

There is a two-year warranty on a tap machine from Philips.

Whats is the BB date of the keg?

After opening you can drink the beer another 4 weeks. For un unopened keg please see the BB date on the keg.

Why is there a smal opening at the back of the tap machine?

This shows you what keg you currently have in your Perfect Draft.

Can I get magnets for my tapmachine?

Yes you can order them again right now!

Can you replace an already opened keg by another one?

Absolutely! This way you can try new flavors all the time.

There is no tube included, can I use an old one?

Sure! There should be a new tube included with a new keg, but you can definitively use an old tube on a new keg.


PerfectDraft Goose Island IPA Dispenser Pack

Goose Island Beer Company





5.00€ deposit included.

in stock

Sturdy packaging

Sturdy packaging

4 steps to tap your own perfect beer at home!

Get your beer machine. PerfectDraft and you, a perfect match.

Choose your beer style. There are more than 35 beers on our web site from around the world to try.

The ritual. The pour. The perfect glassware.

How do I return my kegs ?

I'm putting the keg in a package. 3 kegs per box, nothing more or less.

I stick the return label on the box with 3 kegs

I'm dropping off the package at the nearest relay point...

As soon as we receive your package, we credit your wallet with 5€ per keg.

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5.00€ deposit included.

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