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Beer Kit brew your own Abbaye Ambrée!

Beer Kit brew your own Abbaye Ambrée!

Recipe No.4 from Saveur Bière - brew 4 litres of superb Abbaye Ambrée  

  • Beer Kit brew your own Abbaye Ambrée!
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This recipe lets you brew your own Ambrée-style beer, a Belgian beer style with sweet caramels and malts.

The Brew Your Own Ambrée kit comes with full instructions.

Designed and produced in France, you too can brew pro-quality beer at home. Sounds difficult? It couldn't be easier! Using professional-quality ingredients, you too can make your own beer in the comfort of your own kitchen. All-grain brewing is fun for anyone.

This beer kit contains all the brewing equipment and ingredients you need, all you need is a few everyday kitchen items - cooking pot, sieve, funnel - plus a little effort and a lot of patience. The brewing equipment is reusable, so you can experiment with new recipes whenever you like. Simply follow the instructions, and you'll soon be ready to enjoy 4 litres of pro-quality beer.

 Get ready to impress and inspire you friends... What are you waiting for? Your new hobby awaits...

Your beer kit contains all the brewing equipment you need, including:

- Detailed brewing instructions

- Spatula

- 5-litre glass demijohn

- Rubber stopper

- Airlock

- Thermometer

- Hydrometer

- Test-tube

- Hop bag

- Anti-sediment bottling tool

- Bottle-brush

- Sachet of disinfectant


The ingredients are vacuum packed for freshness:

- Abbaye, Munich Light and Pilsen Malts 

- Hallertau Mittelfruh and Saaz Hops

- Safbrew S-33 Dried Yeast



Don't forget to add a bottling kit to your order, including bottles, crown corks, and a bottle capping tool.

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