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Beer Kit, brew your own Pils

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Beer Kit, brew your own Pils

Perfect for amateurs and beginners alike, this pack includes all the essential elements to brew 4 litres of Blonde beer at home!

  • Beer Kit, brew your own Pils

This All-Grain beer kit contains all the elements you need to successfully brew your own Pils beer.

Designed and produced in France, you too can brew pro-quality beer at home. In just a couple of weeks, you too can create your own beer.

This beer kit contains all the brewing equipment and ingredients you need, all you need is a few everyday kitchen items - cooking pot, sieve, funnel - plus a little effort and a lot of patience. The brewing equipment is reusable, so you can experiment with new recipes whenever you like. Simply follow the instructions, and you'll soon be ready to enjoy 4 litres of pro-quality beer.

Get ready to impress and inspire you friends... What are you waiting for? Your new hobby awaits...

The Brew Your Own Pils recipe kit is supplied with detailed instructions plus pre-dosed malt, hops and yeast. It also features all the brewing equipment you need, including:

- Detailed brewing instructions

- Spatula

- 5-litre glass demijohn

- Rubber stopper

- Airlock

- Thermometer

- Hydrometer

- Test-tube

- Hop bag

- Anti-sediment bottling tool

- Bottle-brush

- Sachet of disinfectant

Don't forget to add a bottling kit to your order, including bottles, crown corks, and a bottle capping tool.



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