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Beer Kit Everyday IPA

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Beer Kit Everyday IPA

Make your very own spicy, citrusy IPA beer at home with this Brooklyn Brew Kit 

  • Beer Kit Everyday IPA
  • Beer Kit Everyday IPA

Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Everyday IPA Brew Kit contains everything you need to brew your very own citrusy, spicy IPA beer like a pro!


Soon words like hydrometer, wort, and sparge will no longer be a mystery as these kits let you recreate craft beers in your own home. All you need is a few simple utensils found in most kitchens and maybe a little patience, and in two weeks you’ll have your very own beer!


This Brooklyn Brew Kit Everyday IPA lets you brew an hoppy, refreshing beer with an ABV of 6.8%.


Brooklyn Brew Kit’s Everyday IPA contains the following brewing equipment:

1 3.8L glass demijohn with stopper and airlock

A glass Fahrenheit thermometer

A pack containing Columbus and Chinook hops, milled Malt and a sachet of yeast

1 hose to transfer your brew to your bottles

1 sachet of disinfectant


All you need to add is a cooking pot (minimum 4L) for the boiling, a funnel or filling your demijohn, a sieve to drain the dregs and some empty flip-top bottles or standard bottle with a bottle-capper.

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