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Recreate BrewDog Punk IPA at home with this great Brooklyn Beer Kit


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Brooklyn Brew Shop’s new Brew Kit contains everything you need to brew your very own BrewDog Punk IPA!


BrewDog Punk IPA Brew Kit is the result of a collaboration between America’s Brooklyn Brew Shop and Scotland’s BrewDog brewery. Soon words like hydrometer, wort, and sparge will no longer be a mystery as these kits let you recreate craft beers in your own home.

All you need is a few simple utensils found in most kitchens and maybe a little patience, and in two weeks you’ll have your very own beer!


This Brooklyn Brew Kit Punk IPA lets you brew BrewDog’s flagship beer with its tropical fruit, caramel aromas and lingering bitterness with an alcohol content of 5.6%.


Brooklyn Brew Kit BrewDog Punk IPA contains the following brewing equipment:

1 3.8L glass demijon with stopper and airlock

A pack containing Chinook, Ahtanum and Simcoe hops, a milled Malt Barley Blend and a sachet of yeast

1 hose to transfer your brew to the bottle

1 sachet of disinfectant


All you need to add is a cooking pot (minimum 4L) for the boiling, a funnel or filling your demijon, a sieve to drain the dregs and some empty flip-top bottles or standard bottle with a bottle-capper.

Beer Kit BrewDog Punk IPA

Brooklyn Brew Shop

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Sturdy packaging
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