Beer Kit - Brooklyn Brew Kit Mosaic Single Hop IPA

This complete All-Grain kit lets you brew 4 litres of authentic floral, tropical IPA



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The Brooklyn Brew Kit Mosaic Single Hop IPA all-grain beer kit was created by America's Brooklyn Brew Shop.

Brooklyn Brew Shop's beer kits offer authentic, pro-quality home brewing for amateurs. Terms like mashing, boiling, rinsing, fermentation and hydrometer will become part of your everyday vocabulary.

With just a few utensils found in any well-equipped kitchen, a couple of hours work, and a little patience, in as little as two weeks you'll be ready to impress your friends with your very own beer.

The Brooklyn Brew Kit Mosaic Single Hop IPA lets you brew four litres of genuine IPA with complex earthy, fruity notes. This IPA offers a pronounced bitterness and an ABV of 6%.

The Brooklyn Brew Kit Mosaic Single Hop IPA includes all the brewing equipment and ingredients you need, including:

- 1 3.8-litre glass demijohn with airlock and stopper

- Mosaic hops, Milled malt, and a sachet of dried yeast

- 1 glass thermometer graded in °F

- 1 complete bottling tool

- 1 sachet of disinfectant.

To successfully use your kit, simply add: A large cooking pot (min. 4-litre) for mashing and boiling, a funnel for filling your demijohn, a sieve to rinse the dregs, as well as bottles and a bottle capping tool.

The Brooklyn Brew Kit Mosaic Single Hop IPA also contains detailed instructions to make your brew a success.

Brooklyn Brew Kit Mosaic Single Hop IPA

Brooklyn Brew Shop

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