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Discover our brand-new Beery Christmas, the Advent Calendar with beers inside. Beery Christmas is an adventure that began in 2013 to share not only our taste for beer but great-tasting beers. For months we have been lovingly crafting, selecting, designing, packing and sending out the Beery Christmas Advent calendar you see before you. Each day, for 24 days, tens of thousands of people just like you will share the same beer from our brand new selection, brewed just for you! Blonde beers, amber beers, hoppy beers, toasty beers, all in a specific order to bring a whole new surprise each day!

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What people said about Beery Christmas

The coolest of calendars

An exceptional selection of bottled beers!

The gourmet Advent calendar

The Advent calendar for grownups

Since 2012, 300,000 beer lovers have enjoyed Beery Christmas

Laurent Olivares
Perfect from A to Z
Clément Barraud
The variety of beers is superb!
Allison Tureau
It's just fabulous!! Thanks!

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A real treasure hunt Illustrations by Rafael Varona

This year, Beery Christmas gets a makeover from the talented illustrator Rafael Varona, who has transformed it into a 24-day treasure hunt!

Each day from 1st to 24th December, follow the clues and find a brand-new, exclusive beer. So, get your spyglass ready and let the games begin…

We're here to answer your questions

What does Beery Christmas look like?

The Beery Christmas is a box filled with 24 exclusive artisanal beers from all around the world to experience from 1 to 24 December 2019 as you embark on a taste odyssey with the Saveur Bière and HOPT team! The designer of the 2019 edition, the talented Rafael Varona, has transformed our Beery Christmas HQ into a bright, colourful fantasy world inspired by the universe of beer, to make it not just a design but a work of art.

How does Beery Christmas work? Is there a special daily ritual?

Designed just like the Advent calendars of your childhood, the difference is Beery Christmas is an Advent calendar for adults. This year, get ready for an original experience as only the first box is clearly identified. Every morning, using the clues in the booklet, follow the lovingly created Beery Christmas illustration and open the right box. Then place the beer of the day in your fridge while waiting patiently for the highlight of the day: the tasting.

Don't worry, we've thought of everything! If you want to check the answers (or if you don't have time to play), we placed the location of each beer on the back of the Beery Christmas. That way, there’ll be no disappointment!

Finally, to ensure that the experience is perfect, the inside of each window features the ideal temperature for tasting your beer, as well as an idea for food pairings.

What beers have you chosen?

Do you really think we'd spoil the surprise of discovering a different beer every day? All we can tell you is that our Advent Calendar features 24 artisan beers in 33cl format, and the promise of an unforgettable journey for your tastebuds!

Is it the same selection of beers as last year?

Beery Christmas might look similar from one year to the next, but underneath that handsome exterior they’re very different indeed! Each year we present a brand-new edition, with a new selection of surprising beers to discover from breweries around the world, for yet more unique taste experiences.

We’ve been working on the 2019 vintage for over a year and we reckon it’s our best ever... And just like every year, we listened to your comments to make sure we offer you an Advent calendar unlike any other!

Is there a wide variety of beers?

You’re darn tooting! (Yes!) Light blondes, well-hopped ambers, smooth dark beers... Our promise is to make you discover our taste for beer and especially beer with a taste. 24 days, 24 different styles: your palate will discover new flavours that will not leave you indifferent. One thing is for sure: expect to make some great discoveries!

Remember when...

Beery Christmas, the Advent calendar with beers inside

If you love Artisan Ale, and feel the same way about the idea of an Advent calendar to help make waiting for 24 December easier, then give yourself an early Christmas present with Beery Christmas.

We've reimagined the traditional chocolate Advent calendar specially for craft beer fans. Each day, open a window on your advent calendar and discover a new gourmet beer to taste, and make it easier while you wait for the biggest celebration of the year!

Beery Christmas - Gourmet beers for every taste!

The Beery Christmas Advent calendar consists of 24 artisan ales, brewed exclusively for the holiday season by 29 internationally acclaimed craft breweries, each with a quality that speaks for itself. It's also an opportunity to discover new flavours every day thanks to 24 different beers in 24 different styles. Take your tastebuds on a round-the-world tour with beers from five continents, each specially created to test your palate.

The selection of beers in our Advent calendar changes each year to make the contents a fresh surprise and keep you in suspense right up until Christmas eve - what better way to satisfy and surprise newcomers and returnees alike? Always ahead of the trend, our beer Advent calendar is a perfect gift to offer to friends, family or even yourself, while you wait for Santa Claus.

And introducing our Beery Bot, a dedicated beer somelier to guide you through tasting each day's beer. Join the Beery Bot on Facebook messenger from 1 December for a fun, funny, informative take on beer tasting designed for beer geeks and newbies alike, featuring a wealth of knoiwledge about the beer, the brewery, the style and whole lot more!

A beer Advent calendar while you wait for Christmas

Beery Christmas is designed just like a traditional Advent calendar, with one window for each beer. This year we asked the super-talented Rafael Varona, who imagined a whole new universe of beer to create a masterpiece for just for you.

We also wanted our Advent calendar to be a fun experience in the form of a treasure hunt. Only the window for 1 December is marked, after that it's up to you to follow the clues and find the next day's beer. Buy hey, you don't have time to play today? No biggie! We put the solutions on the back of the box to help you find all the beers in your Advent calendar.

A true objet d'art, the Beery Christmas craft beer Advent calendar will look great in your front room or under the Christmas tree throughout December. And at 50cm tall and 15kg it's sure to get noticed. Due to its impressive weight and imposing size, we recommend ordering with our great value home delivery, but whether you get shipping to your house or to a parcel collection point*, our Advent calendar is built tough in specialy designed packaging to resist the worst shocks.

*Only available for certain regions, please see T&Cs

How to taste the beers in your Advent calendar...

While most beers are best tasted cold, it's not so easy to put your Beery Christmas in the fridge (sure you could, but you have to eat)! That's why Saveur Bère and HOPT, recommend getting into the habit of putting each day's beer in the fridge in the morning before you go to work so it's ready and waiting for you when you get home. And to make sure your beer tasting is always at the perfect temperature, we've included information on how to chill each beer to perfection, as well as some top food-pairings to taste along side it. So get ready for the best beer tasting experience of the year!



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