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Beery Christmas, the best gift before Christmas

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Illustrated cardboard box, with cans of beer and a filled glass.Illustrated cardboard box, with cans of beer and a filled glass.Illustrated cardboard box, with cans of beer and a filled glass.

New: 25 beers to taste!

Beery Christmas

Discover the new 2021 edition of the calendar!


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brewed exclusively for this calendar



and just as many stories to tell

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Europe's most popular Beer Advent calendar

Go on an adventure into the incredible world of those who create the Beery Christmas! Our brewers will tell you all about our common passion: beer.

Every evening throughout December, thousands of us across Europe will be discovering a new beer, and above all, new flavours.

Brewed exclusively for you, discover new brewing styles and methods for a unique and different taste experience!

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New beers brewed exclusively for you.

Every year, we work hand in hand with brewers from all over the world. Enter the world of these men and women to broaden your vision of beer !

Saveur Bière in a box!

The Beery Christmas is what best sums up our daily work: a selection of wonderful breweries and beers from across Europe, specially brewed with a variety of styles to ensure a discovery a day!

Signed by Marie Gosselin

Originally from Normandy, Marie Gosselin settled in Belgium, in the prestigious Gobelins school, then travelled to Melbourne and finally landed in our beautiful city Lille, in the North of France. She created the portraits of all of our brewers and added a treasure hunt to find your beer each day.

New beers brewed exclusively for you.
New beers brewed exclusively for you.
New beers brewed exclusively for you.
Saveur Bière in a box!
Saveur Bière in a box!
Saveur Bière in a box!
Signed by Marie Gosselin
Signed by Marie Gosselin
Signed by Marie Gosselin
Cliff in christmas period with a deerCliff in christmas period with a deer

9th edition

We have been refining our expertise in this area for many years.

Since 2007

At Saveur Bière, we've been offering for 14 years now the largest selection of beers online.

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We answer all your questions. From Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, our customer service is there to help you.


A little preview...

Illustration of a man and a woman who hold a beer in the hand.Illustration of a man and a woman who hold a beer in the hand.Illustration of a man and a woman who hold a beer in the hand.
Effet Papillon brewery - beer PASSION GINGEMBREEffet Papillon brewery - beer PASSION GINGEMBREEffet Papillon brewery - beer PASSION GINGEMBRE
Illustration of a man who uses a pressure beer.Illustration of a man who uses a pressure beer.Illustration of a man who uses a pressure beer.
Põhjala brewery - beer RUKKIVÄLIPõhjala brewery - beer RUKKIVÄLIPõhjala brewery - beer RUKKIVÄLI
Illustration of a man who smiles and holds a spike of wheat, arms crossed.Illustration of a man who smiles and holds a spike of wheat, arms crossed.Illustration of a man who smiles and holds a spike of wheat, arms crossed.
Vocation brewery - beer Toucan tropicVocation brewery - beer Toucan tropicVocation brewery - beer Toucan tropic


Effet Papillon brewery

An old german style rejuvenated with the tangy combination of passion fruit and biting ginger.

A berliner weisse that will delight your taste buds.


Põhjala brewery

A roasted beer, a touch of crisp rye for a sweet Christmas flavour.

A good amount of rye to bring a comforting spicy flavour.

Toucan tropic

Vocation brewery

A fruity and juicy IPA with experimental HBC hops.

A true India Pale Ale!


Advent calendar for grown-ups


Simply the best calendar of the Advent


The coolest calendars


The calendar for epicureans

Time for a 9th adventure!

The Beery Christmas is a whole year of work to offer you the best experience around a subject we are all passionate about: beer!

25 beers for 24 days of tasting around the discovery of new flavours and knowledge to expand your vision of beer.

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400,000 beer lovers have tried it since 2013

337 Ekomi client review and 4.5 of average rating

High score

I offered the Beery Christmas to my spouse and he loved the suprise!


First time with the Beery Christmas, I loved it!


I find the idea very original! We are waiting on December 1st With impatience to taste the beers!


Almost big score

Very nice advent calendar and well packed


Delivered to your house quickly and without breakages!

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13 kg

We even think about sculpting your dream body.

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Height: 50 cm Length: 35 cm Depth: 27 cm

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We offset the carbon footprint of the deliveries at our own expense.

We answer all your questions

You said 25 beers? But there's only 24 days until Christmas.

This year, we hid a little surprise in the Beery Christmas! 2 more beers to discover inside that will open up new possibilities and discoveries! But we won't tell you more!

What does the Beery Christmas look like?

The Beery Christmas is an advent calendar made up of 25 craft beers from all over the world, brewed exclusively for you! For this 2021 edition, Saveur Bière honours the brewers who have brought this new edition to life. They will take you on a journey to discover new styles and their beer culture. An essential item that will take you on a journey from 1 to 24 December!

How does it work? Is there some sort of ritual?

Designed like the advent calendars of your childhood, the Beery Christmas is an advent calendar for grown-ups. This year, travel to the breweries! Every morning, follow the clues in the illustration, find the right box and then place the beer of the day in the fridge until you taste it. Don't worry, we've thought of everything! If you want to check the answers (or if you don't feel like looking), we've put the location of each beer on the back of the Beery Christmas. That way, no disappointments! Finally, to make the experience as perfect as possible, we've added information on each of the lids about the ideal temperature to enjoy your beer, as well as an easy-to-make side dish idea. To make the experience complete, the Saveur Bière teams have created an experiential website. Rich in advice, it will take you to meet our brewers, with tasting notes, explanations of the beer style, their stories and anecdotes. It will also give you suggestions for pairing beer and food, the type of glass to use and serving instructions. A real travel guide to accompany you on this world tour of breweries. In order to share the Beery Christmas discoveries on a daily basis, the experience will be available online on our social networks. On the programme, live tastings, interviews with breweries and numerous prizes to be won during the month of December!

What beers have been chosen?

You don't think we would spoil the surprise of discovering a different beer every day? All we can tell you is that our Advent Calendar consists of 25 craft beers of at least 33cl, the promise of a tasty journey!

Is it the same selection of beers as last year?

The Beery Christmas are successive but not identical. Each year it's a new edition, a new selection of surprising bottles, new countries to discover, and always more flavours to taste. We share with you a promising 2021 vintage that we have been working on for over a year... Like every year, we have listened to your feed back so we can offer you a calendar unlike any other!

Will there be variety?

Yes, there will! Light lagers, hoppy ambers, smooth browns... Our promise is to make you discover our taste for beer and especially for tasty beers. 24 days, 25 different styles: your palate will discover new flavours that will not leave you indifferent. One thing is certain: expect to make some great discoveries!

Beery Christmas, the advent calendar with beers in it

Do you like craft beers and the idea of an advent calendar to help you wait until 24 December? Treat yourself to a calendar of craft beers thanks to the Beery Christmas! The traditional chocolate advent calendar we are used to is now available in a beer version, for beer lovers. Each day, open a box to discover a new beer to try. It's impossible to get bored before Christmas and the New Year.

Beery Christmas, a selection of beers for everyone

The Beery Christmas is 25 exclusive craft beers brewed especially for the occasion. No lack of quality with beers from 28 world-renowned craft breweries. The Beery Christmas is also an opportunity to discover new flavours every day through 25 different beer styles. Travel around the world with beers from five continents and embark on a gustatory journey, that will delight your taste buds and your palate.

Moreover, our Advent calendar selection is renewed every year to ensure the element of surprise and keep the suspense alive until 24 December. All the beers will surprise and delight newcomers and loyal customers alike! Decidedly modern and up-to-date, the Beery Christmas is a great gift idea to give to a loved one but also to yourself, to await the arrival of Santa.

From 1 December, experience the beer opening of the day with the whole community through our mini-site, a tasting guide to guide you throughout the Beery Christmas experience. Each day you will have the opportunity to deepen your beer knowledge thanks to information about the brewery, the style and the optimal conditions for tasting each beer! Notions and anecdotes that will interest the curious and the passionate.

The beer calendar to look forward to Christmas

The Beery Christmas is designed like a traditional advent calendar, with a dedicated flap for each beer. This year, it has been designed by the Lille-based illustrator Marie Gosselin, an artist fascinated by discovery and nature, whose drawings are an invitation to travel to imaginary lands. For this 9th edition, we have chosen to take you to meet our brewer friends. For this occasion, Marie Gosselin has paid tribute to them by drawing the faces of all the men and women who took part in this incredible adventure that is the Beery Christmas.

Count down the days of December by following the clues hidden in the design. They will help you find the position of the next beer. Day by day, you will discover each of the exceptional beers in this 2021 advent calendar. For those who are not so keen, you can find the location of the beers directly on the back of our calendar.

A decorative object in its own, the Beery Christmas Advent Calendar can be displayed in your living room or next to your Christmas tree throughout December. It will not go unnoticed with its 50cm height, 27cm depth and 13kg. Because of its imposing size, we suggest that you choose home delivery. But don't worry, our packaged are shock-resistant to avoid any breakaged.

How to enjoy the beers of the Advent Calendar?

Of course, a beer should always be enjoyed cold. Unfortunately, it is impossible to put the whole calendar in the fridge! Saveur Bière advises you to get into the habit of opening the day's flap of your calendar every morning and to put the beer of the day in the fridge until the moment of tasting it comes. In addition, for optimal tasting conditions, you will be given advice on the ideal temperature and what food to pair it with. A top experience and a daily appointment for an unforgettable tasting moment!

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