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Beery Christmas Experience
Holy Brique
Beer of today - December 1st

Holy Brique

Brique House

To start the first day of our Beery Christmas Advent Calendar with collaboration created in Lille with Brique House! A very young brewery located not far from our sister company Saveur Bière!

This American Pale Ale reveals a slightly amber and hazy colour, and on the nose, it's fruity and herbaceous, but also tropical and resinous with hints of citrus fruit.

When you drink this beer, the sunlight breaks through with all the strong fruity and tropical flavours!

Add a generous bitterness, with fresh bread malt and a long dry aftertaste, that gives the last tropical and citrus notes. With Holy Brique, we lay the foundation stone of our 2020 Beery Christmas 'advent'-ure! And we've still got 23 beers to go!


Perfect drinking temperature

6° - 8°

Ideal glass


The style

american pale ale

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The american pale ale style

To talk about Pale Ale style, we have to go back to the 18th century in England, favourable time and place to the emergence of new styles of beer. The ""Pale"" (light) malt is part of the composition of this style and gives it its characteristic colour (a revolution in a time when most beers were dark!). A Pale Ale is usually refreshing and hopped with enough malt to make a balanced beer. The Americans have appropriated the style by incorporating their more aromatic hops. From the British Pale Ale with the earthy and spicy profile of English hops, American hops go over to a more floral and fruity (citrus) beer. In general, if you see American, English, Pacific, French and other geographical names for a style, you can be sure that one or more local ingredients have been used!

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The Brewery Brique House

We start our epic journey back where Beery Christmas originally began: Lille, in the North of France. The region is super rich in beer culture here. The houses with red bricks around this area resemble the houses in Ghent and Bruges, and in this region more beer is drunk than wine. Pretty logical, when you consider that it's too cold to make wine in this region, and that beer country Belgium is only a few minutes away by car.To kick off and 'initiate' the first beer of our Advent Calendar this year, we collaborated with Brique House, a young brewery located at about 10km from our sister company's warehouse. A brewery that create wild, electric beers that defy the laws of tradition! Their aim is to modernise the very traditional craft beer by breaking away from the classic style that can be seen everywhere. The brewery also offers a taproom, where you can taste their beers and eat delicious food to accompany in a warm and friendly place!

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Pair it with...

We're still a long way from scoffing our traditional Christmas dishes, so opt for a spicy curry dish - or even something a bit milder like a butter chicken or Korma to accompany Holy Brique! If you want something a little simpler for a Tuesday, you can also order a good pizza or a cheese burger. That'll do the trick!

The Brewery Brique House
Saveur Bière
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