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Beer of today - December 21st


Birra Del Borgo

The beer of today has an Italian touch with Birra del Borgo. BIGA is a mix of three beer and brewing styles - a Saison brewed with spelt, wild yeast and an Italian Grape Ale with grapes. The whole has matured in oak barrels, and the name of this unique beer is Barrel aged Italian Grape Ale (BIGA)! Slightly alcoholic notes introduce woody notes that come close to a good white wine. The whole is fruity with lots of apricot, soft peach and sweet plum. Added hints of coriander, honey and grape. On the palate, the sweet grape offers a full counterbalance to the more acidic fruit notes. The sweet plum is reminiscent of a caramelised cake! This makes it a generous, rich, syrupy and full-bodied beer. We'd love to hear what you think about this one!


Perfect drinking temperature

8° - 10°

Ideal glass


The style

Italian Grape Ale

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The Italian Grape Ale style

A brewery like Birra del Borgo, which likes to mix cultures, has brewed an Italian grape beer! The Italian Grape Ale. It is THE Italian style of excellence that connects the ancestral wine culture in Italy with the much younger beer culture. Besides the use of grapes as an ingredient, this style is distinguished by the cultural context in which it is brewed. It's a special beer that is an expression of the brewer's biodiversity and creativity. Birra del Borgo likes to combine old Italian brewing techniques to create a new style of beer. The grape varieties of the wine are already very varied in aromas, which you can imagine when you combine them with the different types of malt and hops! In the end, each Italian grape beer is unique, which means that there is a whole range of new beers to discover south of the Alps!

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The Brewery Birra Del Borgo

Birra del Borgo, founded in 2005 by Leonardo Di Vincenzo, is a brewery in Borgorose, about 100 km south of Rome. Leonardo had always dreamed of creating a new heritage of Italian beer. He decided to study in Germany and England and began to rethink the identity of Italian beer. He mixes different inspirations, different techniques to stimulate the creativity of his brewing recipes. Local ingredients are an integral part of his thinking, but also - yeast! The brewery is experimenting with wild yeasts in combination with traditional yeasts. It also uses unconventional techniques for fermentation and maturation in barrels, such as terracotta amphorae that have contained wine! The beer culture in Birra del Borgo is also linked to gastronomy (don't forget that we are in Italy right now) with the opening of an osteria, a place where dishes are normally combined with wine (but obviously, here we're talking about beer of course), and numerous collaborations with star chefs. In short, opening a Birra del Borgo beer also means discovering a new combination with food.

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The Brewery Birra Del Borgo
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