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Beery Christmas Experience
Chocolate and Almond Pastry Stout
Beer of today - December 18th

Chocolate and Almond Pastry Stout

Brouwerij Kees

If yesterday's beer is a little too bitter for your taste, you can indulge yourself in our sweet Zeeland beer of today! Chocolate, Almond Pastry Stout from brewery Kees is a totally exclusive and indulgent treat. The dark roasted malts add an intense dark colour to the beer.

On the nose, you experience all the rich excess of a full-flavoured Pastry Stout with a hint of alcohol. There are also roasted, caramel, chocolate and coffee notes with sweet marzipan and maple syrup.

You will find this profile in the taste too. Chocolate, Almond Pastry Stout has a generous taste of caramel, chocolate and mocha coffee, with a hint of coconut and blueberry too! Basically a canned dessert. Ruddy delicious.



Perfect drinking temperature

10° - 12°

Ideal glass


The style

imperial stout

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The imperial stout style

In the 18th century, England received orders from the court in Russia, from Empress Catherine the Great herself, to supply dark beer which became very popular there, but unfortunately the first beers did not stay well during the long journey across the Baltic Sea. Then the brewers added more hops, malt and alcohol for a spicy Stout, which stayed longer and tasted better. The same was done with Porters, so we then had two new beer styles! In order to distinguish the new styles from the traditional ones, the word Imperial was added at the front. The Imperial Stout is a high fermentation Stout. A 'Pastry Stout' is another variant of this Imperial Stout. It is a term coined by a blogger who gave a lovely phrase to the Stout beers that are brewed with lots of chocolate, vanilla, nuts and other sweet ingredients inspired by the world of pastry (think doughnuts and cakes!). Such a beer really is a beautiful dessert in itself. At the moment, this style is really at the forefront in the world of artisanal beer!

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The Brewery Brouwerij Kees

Brewery Kees takes its name from the Dutch founder and master brewer Kees Bubberman. It was in his dad's kitchen where he made his first ten litres of brew, which was the beginning of his incredible adventure! He started his career at the Emelisse brewery, where he quickly became famous thanks to the inspired and inspiring recipes. Never afraid to try something new, Kees creates more than 30 new beers, including an IPA with Earl Grey tea, barrel matured beers, robust coffee porters and creamy Stouts. In 2014 Kees decided to start his own brewery in his hometown Middelburg. It was a success within just a year! Kees beer stands for tasty, fruity and hoppy flavours, but also for strong dark beers. Always with a "twist" that makes the beers of the brewery atypical.

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Pair it with...

Generally, a Pastry Stout is pretty sufficient on its own. But if you've got room for a dessert, try accompanying with a chocolatey dessert to really help those notes sing.

The Brewery Brouwerij Kees
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