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Barbela et la Bête
Beer of today - December 2nd

Barbela et la Bête

Dois Corvos

Barbela is an ancient species of Portuguese wheat (and, moreover, the Portuguese word for the beard of a goat...). Barbela Wheat Ale is a special white beer, brewed with this special authentic wheat, which makes the beer extra rich in taste and structure. The hint of coriander and orange peel of Curaçao give Barbela Wheat Ale a spicy bitter aroma! The beer is light blond and slightly cloudy in colour and it gives off an inviting aroma of straw, coriander and orange peel. Smell the beer again and who knows, you might potentially discover peppermint, lemon or cloves? On the palate, you taste a creamy beer with many malty bread flavours, like soft, fresh white bread. You will also find lemon and orange, with a spiced touch. Dois Corvos has used extra oats to give the beer a bit more firmness, which makes this beer very pleasant to drink! It's a robust, creamy and full-bodied beer that this fantastic South European brewery offers you today.


Perfect drinking temperature

6° - 8°

Ideal glass


The style


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The witbier style

In the Middle Ages, beer was already brewed on wheat in Belgium. And it's the use of this specific grain that makes the beer light and cloudy, hence the name Witbier or Biere Blanche. The use of the name depends on whether you are in the Flemish or the Walloon part of Belgium, but it's exactly the same beer style. In the Middle Ages, it was difficult to get hops, so the Belgians tasted them richly with both citrus and coriander - it was also cheaper. White beer was hardly ever brewed in the 1950s, but then the Belgian Pierre Célis came to the rescue, who 'rediscovered' the beer style. In 1966 he launched his white beer Hoegaarden and it became a hit. He then went to the United States to introduce Witbier, and with that a Hoegarden Witbier became a world famous beer. The rest is history!

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The Brewery Dois Corvos

With today's beer Dois Corvos (Portugese for Two Crows) we take you on a trip to sunny Lisbon. The brewery kickstarted up in 2015, a period of economic recession in Portugal. As for the beer at that time, there was hardly any good beer to be found and there was a lack of variety and different beer styles. As a result, two expert brewers took matters into their own hands and founded an independent family brewery. These brewers were the Portuguese Susana Cascais, and the American Scott Steffens. For Susana, it was important to highlight Portugal's cultural heritage, but at the same time they wanted to brew innovative, high-quality artisanal beers with Scott's slightly exotic twist. This year they are celebrating their 5th anniversary after winning many awards and prizes!

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Pair it with...

As Dois Corvos located by the coast, this beer is perfect for white fish with a butter sauce, but also with sardines or fresh tuna salad.

The Brewery Dois Corvos
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