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Beery Christmas Experience
Hirond'Ale 3.0
Beer of today - December 11th

Hirond'Ale 3.0

Brasserie Dupont

Dupont brewery is a farm brewery that has been known for generations for its excellent Saison beers. These brewers have now created, together with us, an exclusive Saison especially for your Beery Christmas 2020.

Hirond Ale is an old-fashioned Saison with spelt wheat, barley malt and buckwheat. This Saison is easy to drink, just like other Saison beers that have been brewed since ancient times, with clear aromas of malt, cloves and white pepper. The finish is dry with hints of hops. It's a generous beer with full flavours and yet light!


Perfect drinking temperature

6° - 8°

Ideal glass


The style

saison / farmhouse

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The saison / farmhouse style

We find the first traces of Saison in the countryside of Wallonia, the French-speaking part of Belgium. Saison means 'season' in Dutch. The beer is traditionally brewed in winter and kept in barrels for a few months before finally being consumed by the seasonal workers who worked in the fields in summer; hence the name! Each farm had its own recipe, but the goal was the same - to quench your thirst after a hard day's work in the summer heat! A Saison is usually dry and spicy, with clear yeast aromas and has a low alcohol content between 3% and 6%.

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The Brewery Brasserie Dupont

The Brasserie Dupont was originally an old 18th century farmhouse in Belgium. In 1844, it was transformed into a farm-brewery specialising in the production of honey beer and Saison beer, which at the time was very popular in the region. After the first World War, the brewery was taken over by the Dupont family. The agronomist Louis Dupont, the son of the family, actually dreamed of starting a farm in Canada. But because his father bought this farm, Louis launched himself in this region. Louis created the famous Saison Dupont, which is still brewed today. After the Second World War, his nephew took over the farm and maintained it with his famous Redor lager. His children stayed in the business, and have the same creative spirit. With the brewing of Moinette Biologique and the Saison Biologique, they are the recognised pioneers of organic beer. Today, it is the grandchildren who brew and produce more than 30,000 HL per year!

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Pair it with...

Today's beer will be delicious with charcuterie or ripe cheeses - pate, pork pies, cheeses and cold cut meats. Think rustic countryside!

The Brewery Brasserie Dupont
Saveur Bière
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