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Beery Christmas Experience
Bock 472
Beer of today - December 12th

Bock 472

Camden Town Brewery

This year, we wanted to give Camden, the masters of the Pilsner, a challenge - we asked them to brew a Bock beer for this year's Beery Christmas. The result is Bock 472, named after the surprising new hop variety HBC472 with which they brewed this beer. This hop gives flavours of coconut and tropical fruit to the beer. A bock beer is usually somewhat sweet with caramel and honey, but you'll come to understand that this is not your average bock beer!

Bock 472 spreads inviting scents of bread malt, caramel, honey and chocolate once poured. It forms a spicy whole and has similarities with whisky and rum. Silk because of the brown sugar, milk chocolate and caramelised tones!

On the palate it is spicy and woody. The beer has a mild bitterness with flavours of almond, date and vanilla. A wonderful beer that will warm you even on the most chilly of days!


Perfect drinking temperature

6° - 8°

Ideal glass


The style

Bock Beer

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The Bock Beer style

First of all, Bockbier is a bottom-fermented beer originally brewed 700 years ago in the city of Einbeck in Germany. The story tells that Germans were already celebrating December with this malt-rich and quite dark beer which brings a pleasant taste of gingerbread and liquorice up. So, not surprisingly, the brown ""chocolate"" colour underneath this beige head will give you notes that will remind you of the Winter flavours. Round and slightly sweet, this beer makes you want to open a second one... (with moderation of course). Like the Dubbel and the Tripel, the Bock also has its derivatives with the Doppelbock (stronger in alcohol) or the Weizenbock (which uses wheat). Over time, the Bockbier became popular in Bavaria (especially in Munich) where its pronunciation gave Ein Bock (a goat), eventually giving the name Bock - and the association with the goat's emblem. Bockbier is first and foremost a low fermentation beer, that originated as early as the 17th century in the town of Einbeck in Germany. Bockbier became popular in Bavaria, and it is thanks to their dialect that the beer got its name; ""Ein Bock"" (a goat), instead of Einbeck. The beer is traditionally quite dark and is usually drunk around Christmas, but nowadays there are many variants. Just like the Dubbel and the Tripel, the Bock has its derivatives with the Doppelbock (stronger in alcohol) or the Weizenbock (which uses wheat). So Doppelbock, Weizenbock and Eisbock, all with different brewing methods, are variants of this beer style.

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The Brewery Camden Town Brewery

Camden Brewery's real story does not start in London but in Australia, where Jasper Cuppaidge's grandfather ran a brewery for 40 years. When Jasper himself lived in London for a while at the beginning of 2000 and was supposed to head back Down Under, he missed his plane. Instead of buying a new plane ticket, he took over a dilapidated pub in the English capital to serve beer. A surprising idea that turned out to be pretty profitable... He decided to brew his first beer for his mum's birthday, according to one of his friends - based on one of his grandfather's recipes: the Mac's Bear. He then went on to offering this in his bar, where customers loved it! The brewery officially came to life in 2009 in the neighbourhood where Jasper lives - Camden Town. This brewery swiftly became one of the initiators of the craft beer movement in the UK. Camden's beers are sometimes criticised for their simplicity. Jasper refutes these criticisms and offers us fresh and full-fledged beers! In short, if you ever miss a plane, think about what you really want in life...

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Pair it with...

For this Bock, there's a really interesting pairing to try with either duck breast, roast turkey or (if you're feeling wild), a lamb tagine with prunes! If you prefer to play it a bit safer, you can go for a good old apple pie.

The Brewery Camden Town Brewery
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