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Poppels - Hibiscus Sour

Poppels Bryggeri

We have already been sharing our passion for beer for two weeks now! Do not hesitate to give us feedback on social networks with the hashtag #BeeryChristmas so that we can follow your discovery. Today, we bring back a little pep with the Hibiscus Sour from the Poppels brewery! Daniel Granath and his team have linked the world of tea with beer for a crisp and lively Sour. This tea blend contains hibiscus flower, citrus peel, strawberry and apple. All with mixed fermentation. Expect both delicacy and complexity! A nice surprise awaits you at the poor. The Hibiscus Sour will reveal an orangey pink dress that comes in part from the tea used in beer. On the nose, the whole is fruity with herbal and floral touches. You will smell the lactobacilli from the mixed fermentation as well. To counterbalance these more acidic notes, the fruity tea will bring notes of red fruits and of course hibiscus or even hibiscus syrup. One would almost think of opening a strawberry yogurt! On the palate, the lactic flavors take over the fruit and leave no room for bitterness. The attack goes from yogurt to a tart of red fruit and berries such as blackberry and cranberry. The beer stays sweet and reminds us of the hot candies from our childhood. The finish is a little salty and makes you salivate to give way to the next lively and expressive sips of this Hibiscus Sour. A great mastery of the Swedes of Poppels behind this fairly expressive beer despite its lightness. Everything we love about Sour-type beers! If you like sour beers, great discoveries await you on the Belgian border with lambics too!

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Perfect drinking temperature

6° - 8°

The style

Fruited Sour
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The style

As we have seen with Berliner Weisse, mixed fermentation is a technique that combines classic fermentation (high or low) with fermentation with bacteria and / or yeast that we will qualify as wild (in general Brettanomyces, Lactobacilli, etc...). This allows for beers to benefit from a whole different panel of acidic or farmy flavors for example, it all depends on the yeast used! For the Hibiscus Sour, Poppels used the Kettle Sour technique. The idea is to prepare the beer mash and then let it cool in order to add these special yeasts which will transform the sugar into lactic acid (the same one found in yogurt and sauerkraut). Once we have the desired level of acidity we boil again and we resume the stages of brewing: addition of hops, cooling, addition of ale or lager yeast and fermentation. Some breweries then mature their beer in wooden barrels, but in a more modern way, in stainless steel for more convenience. One is not better than the other, it all depends on the type of Sour you are looking for! Please note, this fermentation should not be confused with spontaneous fermentation which does not require the addition of yeast. The latter is inoculated with wild yeasts exposed to the open air. You can find this type of fermentation in Belgian lambics.

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The Brewery

Let us go back to Sweden today, 20 minutes from Gothenburg - an important cultural centre and Scandinavia's most important port! If you look around there, you'll find a lake - Humlebadet, which means 'Hop Bath'! So it's no coincidence that the Poppels Brewery is nearby. The team is passionate about bringing taste, food and friends together. The philosophy of Poppels is based on knowledge, curiosity and passion for beer with respect for tradition. Their trick - they strive for maximum taste with minimal impact on the environment. This philosophy has made Poppels the largest organic brewery in Sweden!

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To qualify the acidity of beer, nothing better than something sweet! White chocolate, a cheesecake or a cookie will sweeten this Hibiscus Sour and make a great match! If culinary experiences don't scare you, you might think that the acidity of beer can also accompany oysters. If you've tried it, let us know, we're curious!

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