Beer of today - December 21st

Del Borgo - Trap Yeast

Birra Del Borgo

After the English countryside, head for the Italian countryside with Birra del Borgo! For this Beery Christmas, the Italians have decided to revisit a Belgian Amber Ale with a twist of wild yeast for more character! You know the catchphrase with our advent calendar, we always like to go further! Since we are on an Amber Ale, you will (very surely) be greatly surprised by the… amber color of the TrapYeast! After all these emotions, let's focus because the bouquet is rich. The sweet notes of malt will arrive immediately with notes of bread and light honey mixed (not honeyed) with more caramelized notes. Floral and spicy notes are added to give an impression of gingerbread. What about wild yeast? Very light notes of leather (yes yes, you read that correctly, that's wild yeast!) Will give a little contrast. On the palate, the beer is easily savored with its supple body and a slight acidity brought by the wild yeast. We then find the typical caramel side of an Amber Ale. Here, no hint of bitterness from the hops but rather a spicy character. The leathery notes of the yeast come back to do their work to make the flavors more complex. Notes of honey come back at the end of the mouth for more sweetness. A hybrid beer between Belgian terroir with the richness of malt and the Italian terroir with their wild yeast!

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Perfect drinking temperature

8° - 10°

The style

Belgian Amber Ale
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The style

After these 21 days, you have all the tools to understand the style of a beer. As for 'Amber,' we're not going to insult you by explaining it. For anything “Belgian-related” you know that we focus on the yeast and the Belgian fermentation method which comes with fruity and spicy notes and the addition of spices like coriander (remember the Witbier! ). In the end, a Belgian Amber Ale can be characterized by a beer with fruity and spicy notes in an effervescent body, relatively dry, which will be easy to drink despite the richness of the flavors. Belgians don't often use the name style. It is above all a desire of the Americans to categorize beers in order to find their way around. It does help us guide you, but let's not forget that beer has no borders! Each brewer has his interpretation so it is difficult to put a label on a beer (figuratively speaking). The style designations remain “indications” for understanding the beer before tasting it. All this to tell you: nothing will replace the confidence you can bring to your own senses!

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