Beer of today - December 11th

Bosteels - Deus Vivant

Brasserie Bosteels

Today, we enter the world of living things and microorganisms by talking about yeasts! Head to Belgium, which masters this ingredient well to give their beer all its character. Among the country's legendary breweries, we find Bosteels with Hans Van Remoortere at the helm who does us the honor of revisiting the equally legendary DeuS! A creation halfway between beer and sparkling wine which, for this edition, has had more aging time so that the yeast is expressed even more! The pschiiiit upon opening testifies to the good work of the yeast. You will think we are crazy, but listen to your drink. Do you hear that incredible crackle? This is the typical noise of the yeasts working in this DeuS Vivant! Now stretch out your nose. You will have a beautiful bouquet of aromas. On the malt side, you will get notes of honey with hints of pine nuts and on the hop side, the herbaceous notes will be added to almost make you think of pesto. The yeast will add more spicy notes of cumin and anise star. You can also find notes of orange zest and coriander. In the mouth, it's effervescent! A spicy yeast aftertaste will settle in your palate on white pepper and juniper berry complemented by flavors of coriander. Cinnamon also points its nose in the middle of the tasting. The residual sugars that have been spared by the yeasts will bring flavors of elderberry that scent your tongue. Welcome sweet notes that will make us forget the 11% alcohol in beer! A fine example of Belgian know-how and the importance of yeasts! You could almost drink this Living DeuS in a flute!

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Perfect drinking temperature

8° - 10°

The style

bière brut
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The style

At the end of the First World War, English Ales were popular in large parts of Europe. Albert and Victor Moortgat, two Belgian brothers, went to England because they wanted to learn more about the success of English beers. They brought back a bottle of McEwan's Scotch Ale after many adventures! The Moortgat brothers contacted Jean de Clerck, a Belgian pioneer in brewing beer. The three Belgians put their wise heads together and created a beer inspired by the new English discoveries and the Belgian tradition in brewing beer. During the tasting someone shouted 'this is a real devil!' and thus, the name of the beer was born! The first Strong Golden Ale was light, fruity and looked like any kind of lager, but after a few glasses it was soon noticed that this tasty beer is no less than 8.5% ABV! They designed the famous tulip-shaped glass for the ultimate taste experience.

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You might as well play on a festive dish, plus it's the weekend you have time! Go on a cream chicken that the beer will cut with its sparkle and spicy side. On the sea side, opt for pan-fried scallops.

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