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Honey Barbar

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Honey Barbar

A sweet, spicy Belgian honey beer with delicious caramel and malt flavours

  • Honey Barbar
  • Honey Barbar
  • Honey Barbar
  • Honey Barbar

Barbãr au Miel is a honey beer that will take you to the very origins of the brewing art. For centuries, the only sugar known to man was honey, it was therefore largely used by brewers to create what would become the beer that we know today.

In respect to this brewing tradition, the Belgian brewery Lefebvre offers a beer brewed with a great deal of honey instead of sugar: the Honey Barbãr. This is how this beer was born. Unfortunately it is not very well-known to the public despite its great tasting qualities.

This beer pours an orange colour with copper highlights. When poured in its Barbãr Beer Mug, it releases sweet aromas of malt, yeast and honey. The yeast gives a spicy impression to the nose whereas malts and honey provide sweet and fruity sensations.

One can taste malty and honey flavours along with hints of yeast featuring spicy tones. The beer is so sweet that one will forget about the alcohol contained inside.

When time flies, it is sometimes important to go back to the roots. This beverage, formerly named “The well-earned rest” is a rare Lager giving you the chance to do so. 

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  • Appearance

    Orange with copper glints

  • Aroma

    Sweet aromas of malt, yeast and honey

  • Taste

    Malty and honey flavours, spicy notes of yeast

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness