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Petrus Aged Pale

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Petrus Aged Pale

Discover this aged ale from Belgium, featuring numerous aromas and tastes!


  • Petrus Aged Pale

First things first, know that this beer was elected best Casks Aged beer in the 2012 WBA!

The Petrus Aged Pale from Bavik is a aged lager from Belgium. Known as “Grande Réserve”, it owns this name along with the title “aged beer” since it was kept in a maturing room for more than 20 months in oak casks. It allows the beer to develop a wide range of tasting features and a more advanced complexity thanks to yeasts and wooden hints of oak casks.

After this maturation period, this beer that originally resembles to classic Pale Ale displays flavours of hops closer to Belgian Gueuzes, beers coming from a mix fermentation, and other slightly acid products from Belgium.

The Petrus Aged Pale is named after this change of style since its name means “Old Pale (Ale)”.

It pours a golden blonde colour and offers to the nose aromas of citrus fruit with a light citric acidity, followed by malty notes reminiscent of caramel, honey and wood.

This beer features a sure contrast between the acidity due to ageing and slightly sweet and floral notes from classic Pale Ale.

On the list of flavours, one will notice acid notes reminiscent of Gueuzes such as wooden notes, citrus fruit and caramel flavours that come from the malts and provide the beer with its finely balanced whole.

Light notes of fruit sweeten and balance the whole too. This beer must be ideally poured at 8-10°C.

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