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Verte du Mont Blanc

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Verte du Mont Blanc

A truly unique, absinthe-flavoured Herb Beer from the slopes of Mont Blanc


  • Verte du Mont Blanc
  • Verte du Mont Blanc

Verte du Mont Blanc by Brasserie Mont Blanc is a true one-off. Brewed with Génépi, a plant from the wormwood family, commonly found in Absinthe, this beer pours pale green under a fine white head.

The nose is a mix of mint, camphor, and lemons, a profile which is echoed on the tongue with gentle camomile and sweet fruity notes that evoke pear drops.

If you enjoy your beers with a twist, than Verte du Mont Blanc should be on your hit-list!

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  • Appearance

    Pale green, thin white head

  • Aroma

    Herbal, menthol, wormwood,citrus

  • Taste

    Absinthe, pear, camomile, sweet, fruit

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness