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Mont Blanc - Blond 33cl

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Mont Blanc - Blond 33cl

A fine French Blonde Ale brewed with fine malts and pure water from the Mont Blanc glacier


  • Mont Blanc - Blond 33cl
  • Mont Blanc - Blond 33cl

Blonde du Mont Blanc is a blond beer brewed with Saaz hops and orange peels. Like every other beer by Mont Blanc, it is made of spring water whose source is located on the slopes of the Mont-Blanc, that is to say 2074 meters in altitude.

It pours a golden colour topped by a white medium head with low persistence. From the whole emerges aromas of fruit and yeast along with lighter spicy notes. One will sense in the mouth the same fruity flavours of citrus fruits, apples and slightly hoppy hints which accompany flavours reminiscent of yeast. Malts also complete the recipe of this beer from Brasserie de Mont-Blanc and give a lightly caramelized and sugary taste to the whole. Light aftertaste of bitterness is perceptible.

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  • Appearance

    Golden yellow, non-lasting head

  • Aroma

    Fruity aromas of citrus fruits and yeast, spicy notes

  • Taste

    Flavours of fruit and hops, light bitterness

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness