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Coco Chango

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Coco Chango

Silky-smooth Imperial Stout with a surprising secret...


  • Coco Chango

At Saveur Bière we always strive to bring you the best beers from around the globe, but with Coco Chango from Basqueland Brewing Project, we really put our heart and soul into it. This is special collaboration beer was originally created for the Discovery Box when Saveur Bière team members, Loic and Oswin, went to Saint Sebastian, Spain, to brew it with the Basqueland guys.
A full-bodied Imperial Rye Porter, Coco Chango is silky-smooth thanks to the infusion of bitter chocolate, which is balanced by a spicy character courtesy of the English rye malt, while a dose of toasted coconut gives the beer a twist to put the coco in the chango.
The result is a glossy, viciously full bodied, sumptuously flavoured Porter that we are proud to call our own, making this the perfect accompaniment for your Easter chocolates or salted caramel cookies.

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  • Appearance

    Coal black, chestnut head

  • Aroma

    Smoky coffee, vanilla, chocolate

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness