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Castelain Pale Ale

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Castelain Pale Ale

Fruity, floral limited edition Pale Ale from Castelain

  • Castelain Pale Ale

Brasserie Castelain has been busy these last few years developing its range of Grand Cru beers brewed with hops varieties native to Flanders. This Limited Edition Pale Ale is the latest creation in a distinguished line.  For a top-fermented, relatively strong beer, the result is surprisingly delicate.

Pouring bright gold with a generous white head, this Pale Ale offers a bouquet bursting with floral, fruity, herbal hops. The palate boasts more floral, herbal hops notes, which are sure to seduce beer-lovers.

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  • Appearance

    Bright gold body, attractive white head

  • Aroma

    Fresh, malty, floral, fruity, herbal

  • Taste

    Floral, herbal, malty, fruity, hops

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness