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Birra Del Borgo Sedicigradi

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Birra Del Borgo Sedicigradi

Richly perfumed barrel-aged Barley Wine created with Champagne yeast


99 / 100
  • Birra Del Borgo Sedicigradi

Sedicigradi by Birra Del Borgo is a barrel-aged Barley Wine brewed with Champagne yeast, which raises the alcohol content to an impressive 16%.

This unique character pours deep chestnut beneath a fine dark head, with a nose packed with generous malts, caramel, grape and warming jammy, woody notes.

The palate is equally grandiose with more of the same warm, wood-grained flavours and a remarkable softness despite the elevated alcohol content.

Sedicigradi’s thoroughly well-balanced, sculpted flavour profile reaches its climax with a fruity, alcoholic finish.

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  • Appearance

    Deep chestnut, fine dark head

  • Aroma

    Malt, caramel, plum, grape, woody

  • Taste

    Fruity grapes, dried fruit, jam, grapefruit, caramel, mango, wood

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness