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Oedipus Kinderyoga

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Oedipus Kinderyoga

Intense Imperial Stout with a distinctive, hoppy bite    


97 / 100
  • Oedipus Kinderyoga

Kinderyoga by Dutch brewery Oedipus is an Imperial Stout with a twist. Oedipus' took their inspiration from American Imperial Stouts, which often have just a smidgen more hops for that characteristic extra bite.

Pouring coal-black beneath a mahogany head, Kinderyoga Imperial Stout issues thick dark malt and woody chocolate notes in abundance. This big, bold bouquet is reproduced on the palate with chocolate liqueur notes and a subtle, though assured bitterness that make this beer such a rewarding brew.

There's just one thing is puzzling us: why 'Kinderyoga'?

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  • Appearance

    Coal-black body, tan head

  • Aroma

    Dark malts, chocolate, woody

  • Taste

    Dark-roast malt, chocolate, woody, liqueur

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness