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Goose Island IPA

Goose Island IPA

Brewed by the famous American brewery Goose Island, please welcome this tasty IPA!



  • Goose Island IPA
  • Goose Island IPA
  • Goose Island IPA
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The Goose IPA is an India Pale Ale original from Chicago, Illinois and brewed by Goose Island Beer Company. A hopped beer crafted by this brewery created in 1988, initially a Brewpub which then evolved in 1995 to its current structure.

In the glass, the beer reveals a copper orange colour, slightly cloudy, which is topped with a durable off-white creamy head.

Through smell, you can detect American IPA traits, a beer characterized by a strong hopped perfume that brings us to the fruity aromas of grapefruit and peach.

In the mouth, one can taste floral hopped savours with notes of fruits and pine needles, followed by nuances of caramel less pronounced. The finish is distinctly marked by a pleasant classic bitter taste.

A true classic of the American India Pale Ale style, a definite must-taste!

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  • Appearance

    Copper orange robe, slightly cloudy

  • Aroma

    Aromas of hops, grapefruit and peach

  • Taste

    Hopped notes of fruit, pine, caramel and flowers

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness