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Brooklyn Lager

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Brooklyn Lager

What's better than an excellent American Lager during warm summer days or at home when winter strikes? Discover the most popular beer from Brooklyn Brewery!



  • Brooklyn Lager
  • Brooklyn Lager

This beer is the greatest achievement and success of Brooklyn Brewery. Based on a recipe dated from before the American Prohibition, it stands for the best Lager beer in the US.

Visually, the Brooklyn Lager pours a nice blond colour specific to lagers and topped by a thin beige head. The floral aromas released prove that the dry hopping technique was used during brewing; the whole is finely balanced thanks to the malty notes. In the mouth, it features light and soft flavours that lead us towards a fine bitter finish.

This beer belongs to the High-quality Lagers produced by numerous American Breweries, it has been rewarded many times: Gold Medal in the “Championship Beer Festival” in 2010 and 2011, but also the Hong Kong International Beer Awards Winner in 2010.


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  • Appearance

    Clear blonde

  • Aroma

    Floral notes of hops

  • Taste

    Light with a fine bitter finish

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness