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Brewdog Nanny State

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Brewdog Nanny State

Alcohol free does not mean without character, Brewdog proves this true with their superb Nanny State! 


  • Brewdog Nanny State

When you come across a brewery that has a standard motto of innovation, you know that you can expect interesting results. BrewDog is one such brewery. Based in Scotland and seeped in the tradition of brewing quality lager, it has carved out an identity for itself in a very short time.

Nanny State is a product of BrewDog brewery. The beer has a nice copper coloured robe, topped off with a large, frothy head. The beer gives off some interesting notes in its aroma. You will find elements of malt, flowers, citrus fruits, caramel. There is a pronounced fruitiness in the aroma. The taste has these elements as well. You will get flavours of citrus, a dash of caramel. The aftertaste is bitter and contains a malty touch. You will find notes of tea in the aftertaste. This beer is light bodied and soft carbonated. The beer also feels quite light on the palate.

Nanny State is your perfect companion when you are on a lake or in the mountains. The beer is light, airy and you can have more than one without feeling bogged down. BrewDog has experimented with this beer and the results are there for everyone to drink. This is one beer that you have to try!

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