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A truly unique Abbaye beer


  • Paix-Dieu
  • Paix-Dieu

The limited production of Brasserie Caulier’s Paix-Dieu, the only Abbaye beer brewed during a full moon, is strictly regulated by the lunar calendar.

A traditionally produced artisanal tripel, Paix-Dieu is full of character thanks to carefully selected ingredients from local producers. Pouring hazy gold with a generous, creamy head, it breathes complex fruity, spicy scents including hops, malt, yeast and vanilla.

On the tongue there are more soft hops flavours as well as fruit, yeast, coriander and spice notes.

This Belgian Pale Ale is medium-bodied with a low carbonation and satin texture, giving a long, fine bitterness accompanied by a light hops profile.

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  • Appearance

    Hazy gold, generous creamy head

  • Aroma

    Complex fruit, spice, hops, malt and yeast

  • Taste

    Soft hops, fruit, yeast, coriander, spice

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness