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The most popular beer in Tahiti offers perfect refreshement for the tropical heat

  • Hinano
  • Hinano
  • Hinano
  • Hinano

Hinano is a blond Pils beer brewed in Tahiti by Polynesia's only brewery. It is a festive beer to be shared with your friends. It is often depicted as a beer representing the world of extreme sports because it sponsors many sport events such as surf ans windsurf events. It displays a nice golden and pale colour topped by a thin white head. In the nose, it releases well-balanced aromas of malt and hops.

In the mouth, one will taste a malty roundness with flavours of grains of straw which emphasize herbaceous hints of hops and a relatively strong bitterness at the back of the mouth. Hinano celebrated its 50th birthday in 2005, you can buy the tee-shirt if you like the design of their label!

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  • Appearance

    Nice golden pale appearance

  • Aroma

    Aromas of malt and hops

  • Taste

    Sweet and rounded flavours, light bitterness

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness