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Brooklyn Blast

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Brooklyn Blast

The brooklyn beer charged with hops & a strong malt backbone.. This beer will blast your taste buds.



  • Brooklyn Blast

Based in New York City, Brooklyn Brewery takes great pride in offering beer bottles that do not limit themselves to being accessories to a great meal. These bottles have strong cultural ties that give you an experience and a lifestyle. Brooklyn Brewery looks to enrich and touch lives through excellent beer.

Brooklyn Blast is a product of this brewery. It pours a golden orange drink with an off-white head that dissipates promptly. The notes of grapefruit and mangoes dominate the aroma. There are elements of citrus fruits and touches of pine, raisin and passion fruit. The taste is composed of flavors of pines and raisins with touches of honey and earth English hops coming in. The aftertaste has a toasty finish with the herbal hops bringing it to a bitter end. There is a touch of alcohol warmth in the finish. The beer has medium carbonation and is medium bodied.

The flavor and aroma of Brooklyn Blast elevates it from average beers. Just when your senses are regaled by the flavor, you have a bitter finish that shocks and charms you at the same time! This beer is a bottle of contradictions, all wholly enjoyable!


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