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Brooklyn 1/2 Ale

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Brooklyn 1/2 Ale

An easy drinking Farmhouse Ale for the sunny day.



  • Brooklyn 1/2 Ale
  • Brooklyn 1/2 Ale

What do you say about a brewery that exports beer to more than 20 countries? Brooklyn brewery exports more beer than any other brewery in the USA. Based in New York City, Brooklyn enjoys a huge clientele not just for the traditional touches in their beers, but also for their edginess.

Take the example of Brooklyn ½ Ale. This drink is a fine product of this brewery. A straw colored beer with a quickly dissolving white head, it has some interesting notes in the aroma. You will get touches of straw, yeast, and floral notes. There is a dominant element of citrus and grapefruits. The taste contains the tanginess of citrus fruits. It also contains a wholesome taste of farmhouse ale with notes of wheat, bread and grains. The saison tastes pleasant. The aftertaste is crisp, bitter and dry. The beer is medium bodied and has average carbonation.

Brooklyn ½ Ale carries on the tradition of farmhouse ale brewing for those who work for long hours in the sun. It has that freshness and wholeness that is the hallmark of this genre. Brooklyn ½ Ale maintains that while putting a very modern touch to the brewing. You will enjoy this Ale!

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