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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace - 33 cL

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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace - 33 cL

A classical american farmhouse ale but with a modern twist!



  • Brooklyn Sorachi Ace - 33 cL

Brooklyn brewery of New York City is probably the most commercially successful brewery in the whole of the USA in terms of export. It supplies beer to more than 20 countries! The commercial success is largely due to the seamless blending of traditional beer brewing and modern touches that this brewery excels in.

Take a look at Brooklyn Sorachi Ace. When you pour this beer, you get a straw colored drink with an off-white frothy head. The aroma is yeasty with touches of lemon and apple juice. You will also get notes of oranges, vinegar and tart. The aroma is sure to remind you of spring! The taste is a step above the usual American saison. You will find notes of lemon and rhubarb in the taste, along with the tanginess of dry orange juice. The aftertaste is bitter. You get a dry finish with grapefruit flavors. This beer is medium bodied with average carbonation.

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace is the classical farmhouse ale but with a modern twist! The Sorachi Ace hops add that touch of modernity in the beer. The spicy lemon flavors make this drink just right for the times when you need to recharge your energy batteries! It goes best with fresh cheese and seafood.

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