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Einstök Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale

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Einstök Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale

A hoppy Pale Ale from Einstok brewery in Iceland.


  • Einstök Icelandic Arctic Pale Ale

For Einstok, purity is king. That’s why they brew all their beers with glacier meltwater pumped direct to the brewery door. The result is beers like Icelandic Pale Ale – a classy Pale Ale that marries the best of Bavarian and American Pale Ale styles.

Pouring sparkling pale gold, this crisply fruity brew breathes a classic, spicy, citrusy Cascade character backed up by smooth cereal malts to close on a pleasing bitterness courtesy of Northern Brewer hops.


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  • Appearance

    Cloudy amber, beige head

  • Aroma

    Spicy hops, malt, citrus and flowers

  • Taste

    Hoppy, fruity, floral and herbaceous notes

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness