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Anchor Go West IPA

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Anchor Go West IPA

An American IPA with aromas of orange, herbs and caramel.



  • Anchor Go West IPA

Go West!

This beer's name takes us back to the time of the gold rush in California, where thousands of prospectors headed west to “see the elephant”.

This metaphor alluded to the perilous nature of such an endeavour: once they had become rich, they could claim to have seen the beast from "trunk to tail", a full encounter with a rare species and a unique adventure.

Anchor Go West IPA is an American witbier in India Pale Ale style, brewed by Anchor Brewing Company.

Through the clear, golden packaging, elephant and evocative title, the brewery makes an overt reference to the gold rush in California, inviting customers to join them on this unique and enriching quest.

Anchor Go West IPA is brewed with two malts and a unique blend of four American hops, giving it a lovely golden shimmering colour and clear brown head.

It combines complex aromas of citrus, pine, exotic fruit, and caramel.

Our impression as we first sip this beer is of a moderate bitterness, followed shortly after by slightly sweet notes of malt, giving it a light body and smooth finish. Its taste is tropical, combined with citrus fruit in a fresh, piny ensemble.

This freshness and sweetness leave us wanting more!

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  • Appearance

    Shimmering gold.

  • Aroma

    Exotic flavours, citrus and pine.

  • Taste

    Tropical and moderately bitter taste.

  • Bitterness
  • Sweetness