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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

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Samuel Adams Boston Lager

An award-winning American Lager full of fruity malt aromas



  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager
  • Samuel Adams Boston Lager

Long considered to be one of the best examples of American beers, the Samuel Adams Boston Lager is today a classic in the USA. 

It is brewed with two kinds of malt and two kinds of German aromatic hops, the Hallertau Mittelfruh and the Tettnang Tettnanger

The Samuel Adams Boston Lager pours an orange and slightly cloudy colour topped by a fine abundant head. It releases in the nose a nice malty aroma along with hints of lightly grilled caramels, notes of fruits reminiscent of apricot and others. In the mouth, it features sweet flavours of malt and notes of orange and apricot along with a light hoppy bitterness. The aftertaste is bitter, one can perceive floral notes from the aromatic hops that provide this very malty beer with a fine balance.

To make it short, just know that this beer is a excellent mixture of caramel, malt and hops featuring delicious flavours and aromas. 

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