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Brewing Accessories - Fermenter's Favorites Titan 15" False Bottom

The world's strongest, most effective false bottom - the perfect addition to your brew kettle

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Product Description

The world's strongest, most effective false bottom, we're proud to present the Titan™ Universal False Bottom - better beer however you brew it! The Titan™ Universal False Bottom offers efficiency, clarity, and a solid grain bed whether you choose to mash in a MegaPot 1.2™, a cooler, a kettle or a keggle.


However you choose to brew, brew bigger! The Titan™ has been carefully designed and rigorously tested to make sure it can handle the heaviest brews Northern Brewer's brewmeisters could throw at it. Whether you're choosing to brew a 12% Imperial Stout or a Triple IPA with a half kilo of hops, Titan™ can take it all.


This quality piece of bright, shining stainless steel not only looks great, it works like a dream. It's smooth form was designed to take care of your mash tun, keeping free from scratches. The flanged bottom separates particles for improved clarity. The best bit? With less then 7mm of dead space, not a drop of precious wort is wasted!


You will also need: a 3/8" ridged fitting for your kettle or cooler, and a short section of high-temperature tubing to connect the it to the elbow on the false bottom. Jubilee clips are also useful for securing the connectors.


If you use one of Northern Brewer's IsoFlow Bulkheads or EZ Clean Flush Mount Bulkheads, choose the ISoFlow 3/8" quick fit hose fitting to connect your false bottom.


Your false bottom is effectively a strainer that prevents grain particles from flowing in to the boil kettle with the wort. This indispensable piece of all-grain equipment is built to be more robust, and more efficient than any other false bottom.


The guys at Northern Brewer threw everything they had at the Titan™. It stood up to all kinds of abuse, it never got blocked and never gave way. The two-piece Titan™ pickup tube supports the dome to withstand whatever your brew has to offer.


The Titan™ two-piece tube design gets closer to the bottom of your mash tun than any other false bottom. This means you can transfer more wort to your boil kettle, leaving less than 7mm behing in the "dead space".


With its beautifully smooth edges, this polished stainless piece ensures the rest of your all-grain equipment stay looking great too. No scratches, no blocked ball-valves, no problem! Just a smooth flow, clear wort, and a stress-free brewing experience.


If you use one of Northern Brewer's IsoFlow Bulkheads or EZ Clean Flush Mount Bulkheads, choose the ISoFlow 3/8" quick fit hose fitting to connect your false" bottom.


Titan™ Size Comparison Chart

Diameter            Compatible With              Dead Space (Gallons)

9"/23cm              Fermenter's Favorites® 7 Gallon Cooler 0.052

11.5"/29cm        Fermenter's Favorites® 10 Gallon Cooler, MegaPot 1.2™ 8 Gallon & 10 Gallon    0.084

15"/38cm            MegaPot 1.2™ 15 Gallon              0.143

17"/38cm            MegaPot 1.2™ 20 Gallon              0.184

19"/38cm            MegaPot 1.2™ 30 Gallon              0.230

Fermenter's Favorites Titan 15" False Bottom

Northern Brewer

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Sturdy packaging
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