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The choice of beer is enormous! So we'll explain it to you!

Oswin Rodrigues, Beer Expert for 10 years.

7 internationally acclaimed beers!

Each month, receive a box filled with our passion for hops!

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And in your first month: you will get our special "welcome kit"!

The world of beer can be daunting, so you better be prepared! That's why, with your first order, we will give you all the necessities to help you discover "The World of Beer"!

A booklet to master the basics of tasting.

A glass to drink in style!

And some little extras!

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A word from our beer hunter

"The world of beer is always on the move, therefore we choose our beers carefully. Selecting beers that are considered traditional and innovative, to help you broaden your vision of beer."
Oswin Rodrigues, beer expert for 10 years.

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