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World Wide Beers International Collection

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World Wide Beers International Collection

The ultimate travelling companion: 24 beers to take you on a round-the-world voyage of discovery…    

  • World Wide Beers International Collection
  • World Wide Beers International Collection
  • World Wide Beers International Collection

Matching luggage is so last year! That’s why we created the only piece of baggage the intrepid Craft Beer explorer needs: an exclusive traveller’s trunk featuring a unique selection of 24 different beers from all around the world.

Luxury travel has never been easier thanks to this hand-picked collection of world-renowned 24 beers, to let you discover surprising, inspiring, gourmet and classic beer flavours, all from the comfort of your own home.

As well as a comprehensive travel guide and tasting notes to accompany you on your trip, the World Wide Beer Pack features:

- Casablanca, a fresh, golden Moroccan lager full of Maghrebin spice

- Coopers Brewery Sparkling Ale, a super-refreshing Australian Golden Ale with floral and herbal hops

- Sapporo Premium Beer, a pure Japanese lager with crisp cereal and honey flavours

- Modelo Especial, an iconic Mexican lager full of Latin sunshine

- Brahma, Brazil's most famous beer, full of tropical rhythms

- Dodo Bourbon, light, refreshing and Réunion’s favourite beer

- Goose Island IPA, a classic American IPA from the Big Country’s most celebrated brewery

- Einstok Icelandic White Ale, an aromatic wheat beer of extraordinary purity, brewed with Icelandic glacier water

- Hinano, Polynesian lager world-famous for its sun-kissed flavours

- Tsingtao, a light Chinese lager full of flavours of the mystic east

- Tempest Elemental Dark Ale, a dark, Scottish Porter beer as dramatic as any highland scenery

- Oppigards Everyday IPA, a fragrant Swedish IPA beer with citrus and pineapple hops flavours

- La Virgen Madrid Lager, a fresh Spanish Pilsner beer packed with cereal notes and citrus hops

- St. Ambroise Erable, sweet and sour Canadian ale brewed with maple syrup

- Kona Brewing Big Wave Golden Ale, a Hawaiian beer full of caramel malts and tropical mango and citrus flavours

- Quilmes, Argentina’s best-selling Lagers to transport you to the majesty of Tierra del Fuego

- Camden Pale Ale, explore the streets of London with this English ale that balances exquisite manners and a decidedly punk side

- Cobra, a spicy Indian Lager beer brewed with rice and barley

- Lapin Kulta, literally Lapland Gold, this golden lager is Finland’s most famous, most refreshing beer

- Singha, a rich, fragrant Lager from Thailand with a fine heritage

- Avenida Blonde, a Portuguese Golden Ale full of biscuity malt flavours sunny hops

- Pilsner Urquell, the world’s most famous Pils with with fine cereal and Czech hops

- Birra Del Borgo ReAle, an American Pale Ale with citrus flavours and resinous bitterness and a little Italian flair

- Lion Stout, an award-winning Sri Lankan dark beer with aromas of coffee and dark chocolate

- Coasters

- Bottle opener

- A comprehensive travel guide and tasting notes for your journey

- World map scratch-card to track your tasting

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  • Appearance

    Stylish, jet-set, out-there

  • Aroma

    From spices of the mystic east to the heat of the tropics

  • Taste

    Fresh, refreshing, and always adventurous!

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