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Have a real tasting experience of 12 of our most iconic craft beers with this tasting pack with explanations about each beer. We have added our Teku Tasting glass, which releases all possible flavours and aroma's of your beer!


Assortment Beer Count
12 beers
Assortment Glass Count
1 glass
Assortment Style Count
12 styles
Assortment Country Count
8 countries
Assortment Color Count
3 colors
Number of bottles
12 bottles
Sturdy packaging

Sturdy packaging

Free return

Free return

Customer Service

Customer Service

Product Description

"Close MDD*, preferably to be consumed before 11/03/2021.
*Minimum durability date (formerly DLUO): Beyond the date indicated, the beer may lose some of its taste or nutritional qualities but does not represent any danger to health."
 The 12 beers are:
- Kees Export Porter 1750 is a Dutch Imperial Stout, which means a dark beer with aromas of roasted malt, coffee, chocolate and dried fruit. 
- White Hag/O'Brother Salted Caramel Stout is an Irish sweet stout with a dark colour and rich, gourmet flavours of salted butterscotch, vanilla, hazelnut and chocolate.
- Tempest Yule is a Scotch Ale with aromas of almond, cognac, toast, butter and dried fruit. 
- Uiltje Monsieur Chouette is a Dutch IPA American with a yellow colour and flavours of hops and fruits such as papaya, exotic fruits and tangerine. 
- Tiny Rebel/Magic Rock Spinning Plates is a creamy and delicious IPA Milkshake with a yellow colour and milk and fruit flavours. 
- Cwtch from the Welsh brewery Tiny Rebel is a light Amber Ale with malt, caramel and hop flavours.
- 360 from the Spanish brewery La Virgen is a light and refreshing Pale Ale with malt, orange, grass and hop flavours.
- Salty Kiss from the English brewery Magic Rock is a Gooseberry Gose style beer, brewed with redcurrant, sea salt and sea buckthorn berries.
- Florida Weisse from Thornbridge is a light English Sour brewed with raspberries. It has a misty red colour and aromas of malt, raspberry and red fruits.
- Hanami from Spain Nomada is an India Pale Lager brewed with cherry blossom and yuzu, an Asian citrus fruit. It's a cloudy blonde with hops and apricot-like fruit aromas.
- Icelandic White Ale from the Icelandic brewery Einstok is a Wheat Beer brewed with glacier water. It has a pale yellow colour and aromas of coriander, herbs, citrus and cereal. 
- Oppigards Thurbo Double IPA is a Swedish beer with powerful aromas of citrus fruit, hops, flowers and caramel under a frank bitterness typical of the style.


Craftbeer Tasting Pack 12x33cl

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Best Before Date 03/11/2021

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