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Basic Brewing Starter Kit

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Basic Brewing Starter Kit

Everything you need to brew your beer at home. Just add your choice of concentrate beer kit…

  • Basic Brewing Starter Kit
  • Basic Brewing Starter Kit

Brewing your own beer at home, a dream come true! And it is all possible with our Basic starter kit. This brew kit plus one of our beer kits equals lots of delicious fun!

To complete your kit you will need to get some bottles, we recommend the pony neck 33 cl bottles as in the kit there is a bag of a 100 26mm caps. You will also need to pick one of our beer kits, you can pick from ; Muntons or Bulldog (UK origin), Coopers (Australian), Brewferm (Belgium) and Black Rock ( New Zeland). Each kit is sold with an individual yeast packet and a manual.


Contents of your kit :

-30 L graduated and perforated plastic bucket

-Perforated lid

-PVC tap

-Fermentation airlock with rubber cap to ensure the lid is airtight

-Plastic spatula

-Bottle brush and a packet of disinfectant (4g per litre of hot water for 2 to 5     minutes, no need to rince)

- Capper


- Bag of 100 26mm for 25cl or 33 cl bottles

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